The Unknowing

Sometimes in life–even many times–there is a falling away, a falling apart into the original unknowing. There is not really any understanding to be found in the free fall; up and down are turned over and again. Instead of understanding, what emerges is a landscape of groundlessness–unborn and undying, luminous and free.  This is where all life really begins.  It is this awakening to our true nature that some label enlightenment or ascension or the embodiment of crystalline consciousness.  I call it coming home.

Welcome home.

It is my wish that, in some way, the words you read or the images you see here enable your heart to put down roots in this fertile groundlessness.

My name is Theresa Luttenegger. I am a soul intuitive and energetic channel/healer, offering individual sessions by phone and video chat. I also lead bi-annual global retreats, which are truly adventures in multidimensional consciousness. I support you to align with your fullest, most authentic expression—and to know yourself as the kaleidoscope of light and geometry you are

If you are moved to further connect, I would love to hear from you.

[These dear ones are truly Poems of Atoms. It was pure joy whooping and hollering with them, adjacent their soccer field, situated amongst Phoenician and Roman ruins, circa 500 BC, near Ain Djeloula, Tunisia.]

7 thoughts on “The Unknowing

  1. ” . . . your heart putting down roots into the fertile unknowing . . .” Theresa, I’m in awe of what you perceive and express.

  2. Hi Theresa- I loved reading about your life, your work, awareness and spirit! I feel a kinship, sister. Hope our paths cross someday. I think you were in California briefly and I regret that we didn’t connect. Would like to try next time you are nearby. Until then, the divine in me bows to the divine in you. 🙏❤️

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