Nessus and Me

The picture postcard, still unglued,
came together in pieces–
some through space, others through time.

If there is such a thing as heaven,
Al Green will meet me at the gate
rocking some sweet lullaby.

When an old man racks a young girl with desperation,
crushes her windpipe with a tight grip and semen,
it is not the angels who come to save her.
It is the animals.


In Greek mythology, Nessus was an infamous centaur who raped Deianeira, the wife of Heracles, and murdered Heracles by deceiving Deianeira.  In astrology, the asteroid Nessus traditionally reveals a pattern of abuse (as well as betrayal of trust and poisonous jealousy) but also, most notably and hopefully, the potential for the cycle of abuse to end.  The most poignant key concept for Nessus comes from the astrologer Melanie Reinhart. Reinhart says Nessus indicates that “the buck stops here,” meaning that where it appears in a chart indicates the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.

If the cycle does not stop with us, then, with whom does it stop?

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