A Prismatic Display of Light with No Beginning or End

“If you’re sensitive to the eclipse portal and energies, you may find yourself feeling disoriented, lost, or somewhat agitated these last days.  This is good news! Allow those feelings to arise, dissolve, and return to the sea from which all phenomena originates. If you’re distressed, be tender with the part of yourself who is searching for a solid sense of identity or reality.  You are in the midst of a profound transformation and some of you may be experiencing this as a death or a sadness.  On the other end of the spectrum some of you may be feeling excited and happy for no discernible reason.  You do not need a reason!  And some of you may find yourself alternating between this polarity.  All is well.  As best you can during this time, do not search for solid ground. See yourself as the rainbow you are–a prismatic display of light appearing to have beginning and end, but when you search, you can find neither.  Be patient; you will embody and ground this light in perfect timing.”

~Green Tara, a collective of energies/consciousness known as a Buddha in the Tibetan tradition.  (Tara is my oversoul and primary guide.)

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