It’s Falling at Your Feet

“It doesn’t have to make sense.  You don’t have to make sense–even to yourself.  It’s not going to make sense for a while.  It may never again make sense in the same way things used to make sense.  The more you fight it, the harder you make it to receive the Life that wants to live through you. We do not mean to chide you, but we do mean to get your attention!  That said, you are always exactly where you are meant to be and everything arrives in perfect timing.

What you want will not come from striving.  It comes from surrender, which often does not occur until you are so exhausted you stop trying.  You saw it yesterday.  It was that numinous shade of green in the fields.  Your mind could not believe it but your heart did.  It’s here, right here in front of you.  It’s raining from the sky. It’s falling at your feet.”

~Green Tara (and a multitude of other guides)

This continued commentary on the eclipse/equinox portal and re-boot came from Tara in response to me waking up at five in the morning worrying about money (how to pay some bills, but also how to access more of the freedom and joy I have erroneously associated with money.) When she delivered the message I knew as I typed it that she was also addressing a second issue I’ve been puzzling about. That issue is the experience of reality shifting so fast that I feel like I’m really losing my grip.  Perhaps you know that feeling?  Like everything got turned upside down in a nanosecond.  Poof!  Quantum reality. No ground.  Seeing in colors outside of the spectrum and much more, too complex to explain here. When I started receiving her transmission I also understood her to be speaking to my clients and readers and, in that moment, I felt all of your guides connecting with Tara’s energies and they are coming through here, as well.  So, though in many ways this was quite an intimate message for me personally, it is imbued with much more.

Tara has a lot to say, and I’ve recently been more willing to channel/translate, so if her/their messages resonate, please let me know and I’ll consider bringing them through more regularly.  Channeling is not my primary soul contract. It’s more of an aside for me, but I’ve been playing with it again.  You can drop me a note if you wish:

rainbow_tara hand

Detail of Tara’s hand (Traditional Tibetan thangka. Artist unknown.)

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