A Poem of Atoms

When the glass shattered, the sound of light shot,
then rang, through more bodies than I could count.
It felt something like forgiveness
or honking geese nesting in my hair,
the melody of pinecones, walnuts, and acorns raining from my branches,
the chords of zinnias sprouting from my toes.

This is a poem of Sister Mary Ellen’s eighth grade science class.
This is a poem of atoms.
I am the poem:
the holy grail of the unified field–
pulsing, writhing, breathing.

When the steam scalded skin, the sound of light sang,
then kissed each curve of this body.
It felt something like surrender or the soft murmur
of bees, a lover’s sigh from under the covers,
the splash of rain in a puddle.

This is a poem of the Earth and stars.
This is a poem of atoms.
You are the poem:
the holy grail of emptiness and form–
arising, dying, dancing.


The Human Constellation, 2016

We Want to Hear You Roar

You’ve arrived at the juncture where it is very uncomfortable for you if you choose to align with anything other than the vast expanse of your being. You simply cannot be contained–or attempt to contain yourself–and not feel pressure.

You have moved mountains. You have blasted open pathways that have not been traversed in eons, and in some cases have never before been traversed.  The habituated mind sometimes wants to label the massive flow of energy that you’re experiencing as “pain” or “discomfort.”  The small self feels hit by a tidal wave, but the tidal wave is you. All you have to do is open your mouth and feel the entire universe pouring from the depths of your infinite being out into the multiverse.  You are reality making love to itself. To whatever degree you are experiencing interruption is the degree to which you are resisting who and what you are.  Do not try to make sense of this with your rational mind, we just beg you to get out of the way.

Who you are, what wants to express through your physical form, is nearly incomprehensible to you.  But it is the love, joy, generosity, and wildness that you came here for.  You are no longer civilized. You are the original fountain, the original essence and explosion of life. We really want to hear you roar.

~Green Tara

Inner Temple, 2010