Energy Update: Polarity and The Book of Blank Maps

Sending everyone a big wave of love. These are wild and uncharted waters we’ve been navigating, particularly these past two weeks. Lee Harris spoke of this in an energy update today and he referred to “extreme pulses of growing consciousness right now, emotionally and energetically, as we move between dark and light at greater speeds.” That’s definitely been my experience–so extreme that I sometimes feel a sense of whiplash, moving from higher vibrational experiences then crashing into shadow material, abruptly. I’m holding most of this within the awareness and experience of my multi-dimensionality, but this has not prevented me–nor does it prevent any of us–from also experiencing the polarities and wondering, at least momentarily, what the fuck is going on.

Those of us who are walking in both worlds (multiple worlds, really) are called not to abandon one reality for another. We might choose to place our focus on one experience or another, but not from a place of judging any experience as good or bad.

So, if you are finding that your life has you on your knees recently, know that your soul has taken over the steering wheel and intends to deliver you to new territory. The kicker is that there is no travel itinerary and the maps are blank. You may feel lost or that something terrible is happening, but you’re not doing anything wrong–it’s a very profound opportunity for deep and rapid integration of some of the darkest shadows–fear, anger, grief, the desire to control, as well a sense of victimization. If you’re in resistance, start by giving yourself permission to be there. This is not the week for spiritually bypassing by trying to meditate or visualize your way out of emotions or circumstances. Let the tears come. Hold yourself gently. Offer yourself more love than you ever have. If you’re still fighting, scream to loud music, clean out the closets and throw shit away! If you can keep your heart open, consider a wild round of sex with your partner or yourself! Seriously.

This is the primordial energy of creation that wants to move through you. This is not convenient energy. This is not the energy of bliss. This is the energy of breakdown and release. It is intense and challenging, particularly as the moon waxes to full next Tuesday. But it is designed to bring you to new shores that support you in your soul’s fullest expression.

If you find yourself stuck in the shadow emotions and none of the tools in your toolbox seem to work, it’s time to switch your approach. Reach out to someone for assistance. The energy of this week is demanding we try something new. The good news is that when we recognize that life is trying to steer us in a new direction and we finally surrender, energy starts to flow again. And very quickly. Will you be able to see the solution or the long game? Not necessarily, but you will be riding the waves instead of smashed by them.

For those of you who are holding a bit more steady: thank you for your service. To paraphrase a meme I’ve seen floating around lately, it helps when not everyone in your tribe loses their shit on the same day. (Thank you Merry for the energy work today; it made all the difference!)

Tara has prompted me to start offering intuitive guidance in group sessions. I am finalizing plans for twice-monthly teleconferences. We benefit from hearing each other’s experiences and from the guidance that each receives. We’ll make new connections and inspire each other when we come together. The energies are shifting rapidly now and this format provides an affordable way for us to connect, tap into a wider perspective, and to surf the waves. I’ll be writing about this opportunity soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in a personal session or have questions about the group sessions, drop me an email:

blankmaps copy

2 thoughts on “Energy Update: Polarity and The Book of Blank Maps

  1. Dear Theresa,

    Thank you for that wonderful post! So right on for me. And I’m decluttering the whole house this month.

    Also, I’ve been meaning to thank you for your kind fb shout out. That was so nice of you to do.

    Wishing you peaceful and restorative dreams….

    Love, Elizabeth

    Ps. Love the blank maps. No joke 😉

    Elizabeth Lee MA, Animal Intuitive “Such love does the sky now pour, that whenever I stand in a field, I have to wring out the light when I get home.” St. Francis of Assisi

    Sent from my hammock in the sunshine


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