Obbligato: Free Your Mind/Mind You’re Free

Free your mind and the rest will follow.
~En Vogue

Would you rather be right or free?
~Byron Katie

Profound and tranquil, free from complexity,
Uncompounded luminous clarity,
Beyond the mind of conceptual ideas;
This is the depth of the mind of the Victorious Ones.
In this there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor anything that needs to be added.
It is merely the immaculate
Looking naturally at itself.

~Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

Welcome to Eclipse Season! The first of three eclipses, tomorrow morning’s is an exciting, eccentric, electrical Aquarian full moon (full moon exact at 5:26 a.m. EDT.) I’ve been wide awake these last three nights, running as hot as a nuclear power plant, adjusting to and learning how to use new frequencies. How are you all faring?

It’s fair to say I’ve been a student of and collaborator with Uranus for a number of years, but this is the first time the collective consciousness of the planet asked to speak through me. (I’ve been receiving downloads and expect to share more of my experiences in the future.) And as the “ruler” of Aquarius, Uranus is the ruler of tomorrow’s full moon eclipse.

There are many reasons Uranus is known as “the great awakener” or “the great liberator.” Depending on how the energy interacts with your field, it can feel like anything from just a bizarre impulse to try something new to plugging your whole body into an electrical socket to having your life struck by lightning. But the entire purpose for its revolutionary ways is simply to free you!

Uranus is not without a sense of humor, though, and its words to me this morning were: “This full moon is as queer as a three-dollar bill,” referencing its current dance with the Sun and the Moon. (And winking like a drag queen.) That comment wasn’t so much a reference to the fluidity of gender and sexual identity that is revealing itself in many right now—although, that’s certainly an area that the planetary consciousness of Uranus is influencing—it was more a commentary on the potential for extraordinary flashes of insight, revolutionary breakthroughs, and ideas and innovations so far out of the box that, if you believe your mind, you’ll doubt your sanity.   The energy can also manifest as a total short-circuit or incapacity to think. However you’re experiencing it, it’s all good news. We are being supported to free our minds and receive, transmit, and create from our hearts, our inter- dimensional portal to the realms of bliss/emptiness. For those of you who are lit up right now, keep a pad of paper or your phone nearby to record what comes through.

One word of mindfulness—though not intended to instill fear, but rather to help you dance gracefully. When the energy of Uranus blows up our lives we have often ignored the “warning signs,” those impulses towards change and growth that we repeatedly disregarded. So, if you have felt the call to break free of constraints, relationships, outdated thoughts and rules–if you’ve been called to innovate, to take the next great leap—this eclipse is will illuminate where your soul will no longer stand for the status quo.

I’m not going to attempt to give you a full astrological write-up of this eclipse. The energies are complex and there are a lot of really insightful interpretations out there. But I would like to share some slices of a very fruity pie that came from everyone from Green Tara to the Aldebaranians to Uranus to a collective of mermaids.

I received so much information I couldn’t form a cogent narrative. The thing is (and my team is laughing at and with me) the linear narrative is getting blasted to smithereens with this eclipse, as is our ability to maintain a separate (and false) sense of self. If you feel fractured or bipolar, this sense will heighten the more you cling to the notion of an independently-existing “you.” But the beautiful news is that this eclipse is configured in such a way that some of you who are able to relax into the energies will experience your first taste of the mind completely dissolved into the All.

The next day or two is perfect for surrendering to the unraveling. Can you hold both sides of every equation? Can you let your mind stop and let go of the ideas of who you’ve been told you are? Can you invite the seeming polarities of earth reality to dissolve into the ocean of your heart? Can you allow the magical, the fantastical, and the audacious to bleed through into your waking dreams?

Given the proliferation of information coming through, I asked for a few key words and phrases and here is what I heard:

~obbligato: in classical music, an instrumental part, typically distinctive in effect, that is integral to a piece of music and should not be omitted in performance.

~ in other words, e v e r y  l a s t  t h i n g  i s  n e c e s s a r y

~ what is coming apart will restore you to wholeness

~ you’re being re-arranged and you’re the one doing the re-arranging

~ you need all the pieces, even if they don’t fit together

~ sometimes you have to lose it to find it

~ play with the puzzle pieces

~ the surreal is the most real

~ the only war is the war against the imagination

~ the higher octaves of music are playing; are you listening?

~ yes, that was mermaids you heard singing

~ the dream is living you

~ the leap is taking you

Normally, for those of you experiencing the electrical quality of this energy as disruptive to your nervous systems, I would advise you to take a salt bath, walk in nature, ground yourself in the new earth grids. But instead, the guidance coming through is counterintuitive and emphatic: let your mind be blown! (Even if it fries your circuits, you will be supported to re-set into balance.)

A word of caution: As strong as our impulse might be to engage in conflict at this time, as a way to externalize our own internalized conflict over staying the same versus taking the leap—please refrain. Any sort of aggression will come up against a very hard wall. If you’re feeling pressure, it’s meant to get you to take the leap and to surrender your small self/thoughts to the vastness of your soul and the All.

And for those of you not needing change as much as you need inspiration, for those of you feeling lost and directionless: there are many realms which are more accessible than ever before. The mermaids and unicorns want to play. In fact, there are many 5th dimensional earth beings who are making themselves visible and audible at this time: some who have lived in inner Earth, Lemurians, faeries, elves and others from the elemental kingdoms. There are also many animal species that want to share their experience with humans at this time. The time is ripe to connect; they are asking to meet you and asking for you to speak of your experiences with them. In return, they will help you reconnect to your inner magician and the alchemy will propel you into the life you’ve been looking for.

And finally, I don’t pretend to have always been the picture of grace when it comes to letting the vastness of Life live through me, but when I am surrendered to the All, I experience a peace like no other and an unshakeable joy that is not attached to external circumstances. That is my true nature and it is yours, as well. And Life is conspiring to bring you to the beauty of your own magnificence.

Pictured above: Full moon over Lake Casitas, Ojai, California, a local mermaid who wanted her photo taken, and two NASA photos of Uranus and its epsilon rings.

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