En route

To travel without baggage, sleep in the train
on a hard wooden bench,
forget your native land,
emerge from small stations
when a gray sky rises
and fishing boats head to sea

~Adam Zagajewski, from “En route”

Sending love to everyone tonight. I’ve found myself, the last couple days, in a very tender heart space and have heard from friends and clients alike of a rawness that often comes during transitions like we are in the midst of. In spite of this tenderness, I have experienced my own tears of sadness as salty drops in a vast ocean of joy.

We are in the middle of eclipse season, traditionally a time of endings and beginnings and this particular passage is extraordinarily powerful. Many people are at critical junctures and choice points in their soul journey. Some have created a lot of discomfort–and sometimes pain and drama–to get their own attention and drop old stories that are simply not true. (And anything that tells us we are less than love incarnate is far from true!)

We are being called to claim our own authority in a myriad of situations.  And many are feeling compelled to take the next step into the role of teacher/guide for others. Collectively, we are preparing for the third wave of awakening on the planet, which will happen in conjunction with the September equinox.

Some of us are maintaining a near-constant awareness of multi-dimensionality, accessing simultaneously aspects and realities, as well as multiple timelines on the earth plane. This can be somewhat disorienting as we learn to navigate the energies of New Earth. More than ever we can find ourselves “losing time,” which, of course, is just a human-made construct. Luckily, because time is only a construct, it is quite pliable, and we are able to play with it (stretch it and shape it) to suit our needs in relationship to a collective experience that is still oriented towards it.

Accessing our multi-dimensionality requires a diligent focus on the vibrational reality we prefer to create. Instead of asking “Which path shall I take,” as though there is one that is right and another that is wrong, we simply select and feel the feeling we want to experience and claim that vibrational selection as our choice. The energies are such that when we are out of alignment with our soul, we feel the misalignment more and more acutely. Any belief we are holding that tells us we are less than Source experiencing itself will feel increasingly uncomfortable and will present itself to be released.

It is a very potent time to reach out for support right now–whether that is from friends, family, or an energetic intuitive/healer. My own ability to serve as both a translator of Spirit and a conduit for Source energy has increased exponentially in the last month; that is indicative of the kind of acceleration we are experiencing now. My clients are experiencing profound shifts and I am honored to work with you individually.

Wanda Vitale and I are also co-facilitating a 4-week group, via teleconference, meeting weekly on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Pacific time. The dates for these groups are September 8, 15, 22, and 29th. We are asking from each member a commitment to all four sessions and we will close the group to new members in order to maintain a tight energetic container and transmission, and cultivate group cohesiveness and intimacy. I welcome your inquiries. Space is limited, so don’t wait.

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Gare du Nord, Paris.