Can’t Stop the Feeling: Exhaustion and the Unraveling Ego

I know some of you are dragging your asses as the 10/10 light energies pour in. All last week I felt as though I was wading through molasses. Not only can the physical body feel extraordinarily challenged during these intense energetic downloads and periods of integration, the ego unravels further and we are often left experiencing what the mind wants to label depression or lethargy. It’s hard to know how to motivate ourselves when we are no longer motivated by egoic concerns. During those times we are asked to surrender to the best we can–and, yep, plans be damned! When Spirit is more fully anchored in the body it will then move us. Life is living you; Spirit is moving breath through your body. It is not the other way around. And it is no coincidence that the Latin root syllable “spir” is the same for the words spirit, inspiration, and respiration. There’s a long and deep understanding of this in the yogic traditions.

The truth is that multi-dimensional awareness/higher self/Buddha mind/Christed heart consciousness–whatever you want to call it!–is integrating further into the cellular structure of the body. You are becoming light. Yes, you are!

I woke up this morning light-hearted and full of energy, having moved through another deep round of ego unraveling and light integration. So, for all of you dragging on the floor, I’m dancing in the kitchen and the living room, with the dogs and the chickens! And I’m holding that sweet spot of knowing we are Bliss/Emptiness having an extraordinary experience in this dream we call Planet Earth.

(And the next time I am knocked on my ass, won’t you please dance for me?!)

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