I Am Not What I Am

I am not what I am. My essence escapes me. Here “A” does not equal “A.” It is a durable achievement of existential philosophy to remind us that we should not think of our past as definitely settled, for we are not a stone or a tree. In other words, my past changes every minute according to the meaning given it now, in… this moment.

~Czeslaw Milosz

Since the past is unreal and the future is unreal, all your thoughts are about nothing.

~Byron Katie

At certain junctures–and particularly at crucial junctures–awakening can look and feel a lot like a death review. Ghosts of many Christmases past will visit, but when we recognize them as such, they self-liberate. However, when the ghosts visit–including ghosts of ourselves–there can be such strong emotion and bodily sensations that accompany them, we will mistake them as “real,” delve back into the old stories, and become attached again.  It is very important to feel whatever feelings arise, but it is equally important not to spiral downward in trauma response–particularly in these energies, which magnify whatever we put our attention on.  Reach out for appropriate support and assistance if you find yourself in trauma.

Many of us are finding ourselves at a very powerful threshold now–our old life has become uncomfortable, yet we equate a certain safety with it and often do not sense where it is we are called to–or who or what we are called to be. We have doubts and questions.  In the midst of all this, even the least-sensitive of us are feeling the extreme polarity the “external” world is revealing.  What’s happening in our political and social structures worldwide is mirroring the pendulum swings we often feel within ourselves now.

You’re not going crazy nor are things are getting worse.  But the old energetic patterns of duality are being exposed for what they are.  For those of you who have been consciously shifting for a while now, know that so much of what you’re experiencing as disorientation is actually just part of your consciousness (particularly, the denser body consciousness) being a little slow to recognize the new energetic templates that have replaced the old.  You really have completed an extraordinary transition–it’s just taking a while to realize it and learn how to work with the new energetic template that is you!  I have found myself bouncing around and among a wide variety of dimensional experiences, more quickly than ever before!  At times this has been distressing and other times exhilarating.  Be patient and gentle with yourself as you get your sea legs.

One of the most amazing opportunities in these high-vibrational frequencies is the opportunity for major breakthroughs, accelerated personal clearing, and healing. If you would like support to unravel and release the old energies that are coming up for “death review,” and guidance about stepping into the new, I would love to hear from you. It is a very potent time!

With surrender of the old, deep peace and joy emerge.

For the month of December I am celebrating my anniversary working professionally as an energetic intuitive and offering sessions at my original rate of $100/session.  Contact me directly to schedule an appointment: theresa.luttenegger@gmail.com.


no-self portrait, 2011

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