Molecular Rearrangement and the Layer Cake of Now

You need a witness just to know you’re there
From the tips of your fingers, every strand of hair
And know someone’s watching you
Watching me, watching you
And all that we look upon
You may not know me but you feel my stare

And if she sees you, it changes you
Rearranges your molecules…

~Andrew Bird, from “Roma Fade”

If you’re energetically sensitive, you may notice that “reality” has been a whole lot less solid and a whole lot more loopedy-loop lately.

About 3 p.m. this afternoon, working at my desk, my body started aching like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. Throbbing pain creeped up so quickly I felt disoriented. Then I remembered there were supposed to be some big geomagnetic storms.  I asked my team for some energetic assistance and some of the intensity started to subside.  I still feel pretty achey, but I was able to continue on with my day.

Just before dark I walked outside to clean out the chicken coop and the chickens ran up and immediately commented, “Those magnetics are weird, aren’t they?!” I wasn’t even thinking about the storm then!  I asked them specifically, “So it’s weird for you, too?”  “Yes!” they replied, “Very wonky!” Well, of course, wonky is my word, but chickens speak in frequency, not the English language, and that’s how I translated the frequency. (Those of you who channel understand that the download happens in a split second in an energetic packet.) They went on to comment that there are such erratic, shifting timelines right now, which, of course, I’ve been noticing as well.  I’m seeing and feeling a lot in waves lately–and intense vibration. In my body and the earth.  Kind of like I’m surfing most of the time.  But instead of surfing water, I feel I’m surfing a layer cake and sometimes certain layers open unexpectedly or collapse into each other.  It’s also nearly impossible to differentiate myself from the layers–so the surfer and the waves are one.

In this jumble, I’ve noticed that sometimes the multi-dimensional layers are wholly discernible, in the way one can tell chocolate cake from cream cheese frosting from cherry filling.  Even in the midst of “one” human conversation I sometimes hear/experience several dimensional exchanges between myself and another all at once. It gets a little more confusing to track now that I’m having a difficult time discerning between myself and the other!  So if you’re experiencing this–know you are not alone.  The lines are sometimes very blurry or even nonexistent.  So much so that I have “seen” the other person composed of “my” molecules and vice versa. It’s pretty bizarre for the mind to process, but the multi-dimensional consciousness/I AM presence is able to observe it all.

Back to the chickens: after our brief conversation I proceeded to the chicken yard to clean the coop.  As I approached I noticed a fairly deep hole in the ground of the coop which hadn’t been there in the morning. A rat or a mole? It was maybe 4 inches in diameter. I stuck my fingers in and it reached quite a ways down.  I realized I’d have to fill it and maybe put a rock on top.  I didn’t want a rodent tunneling into the coop at night while the chickens slept. But I cleaned the coop first, which took maybe all of 3 minutes.  I reached for a trowel to fill in the hole with dirt and when I bent down I saw that the hole was already filled!  Almost all the way to the top.  Firmly packed.  I blinked and shook my head.  Immediately I understood that I was seeing physical evidence of a timeline shift!  I looked for the girls, but they were off in other parts of the yard.   But they did give me an image. They showed me a fork reaching through the layer cake, upsetting the layers, like an earthquake can warp and raise the ground and they likened the geomagnetic storms to the fork, causing rips in the illusionary fabric–or layer cake–of time/space and dimension.

If you’ve hung with my narrative this far you know I am not an engineer and couldn’t write a technical manual on the mechanics of ascension to save my life! Yet we are all living it and witnessing the re-arrangement–nay, eating it!–one tasty bite of chocolate at a time. Or is it one big forkful of layers smashed together?!  Either way or both, enjoy dessert!