April 22nd TELECONFERENCE: Trusting Your Path: From Integration to Manifestation

Are you ready to start seeing the fruits of your soul’s greatest desires and creations? We’ve all been in deep transformational processes for the first few months of 2017, but over the next several weeks, like butterflies, we’ll finally be breaking out of our cocoons and soaring forward into our destinies.

As we prepare to embark upon our shining new paths, we are called to go beyond fear, doubt and the ingrained behaviors that have limited our ability to move into the freedom of soul expression. As we merge deeply with our highest selves, we let go of issues, patterns, relationships or circumstances that no longer resonate or fit. We then get to experience the fulfillment, joy, and abundance that is truly who we are.

Join energy intuitives Wanda Vitale of vitalenlightenment.com, Heather Green of tealhealing.com, and me to learn how to gracefully release those old, illusionary safety nets and all that no longer serves, while accessing your strength and support from the infinite within. Discover how to navigate these changing currents, following your soul’s direction even when all the familiar signposts on the path have disappeared. We will address this from the perspective of both the individual soul’s evolution as well as from a cosmic/galactic perspective. It’s time to manifest the next level of your soul’s passion and purpose!

WE WILL LEAVE SUBSTANTIAL TIME FOR ANSWERING AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE. If you’re not able to join us you can listen at your convenience.

Aprils 22nd, 10 to noon Pacific time

To register: www.trustingyourpath.com
$20 includes a recording of the session.

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