Energy Update: The Mother of All Shifts

Sending a big wave of love to everyone. How are you feeling? I’m seeing folks move up and down fast and hard this week–quick, emotional outbursts that are often agitated and fiery. I’m also seeing many with a deep sense of exhaustion and some drawing in experiences of illness or accident in order to slow themselves down and integrate. I’m tired myself, though that’s often the case.

These last few weeks have been distinguished by the most profound level of light embodiment we’ve ever experienced. I’ve required even more time than usual to be very still in a meditative state, to move slowly and gently–and I allow a lot of time each day normally. My body vibrates unceasingly and I’m noticing extreme fluctuations in my physicality. Some are describing this as “being way out there,” or “spacey and unable to ground,” but really we are just experiencing the integration of the light body.

We are in a deep purification of collective timelines and preparing to make (what feels to me) as the most significant upshift we’ve ever made. I’m calling it the mother of all shifts! Others are calling it a timeline split.

I can understand why. In the last month or so I’ve experienced what I would call a death review, but from this life. The sense of both grief and detachment from my sense of self and from personal history was remarkable; so much so that at a couple of junctures I really wondered if I was about to leave the body. Many are releasing the last bit of attachment to 3D and old identities. Shortly afterwards I experienced watching huge chunks of my soul’s Akashic records completely erased. My guides are giving me multiple signs confirming the collapse of these old timelines. This disconnection is essential so that we can experience a rebirth into the higher self.

You may also be experiencing extraordinary time and space anomalies as well as
increased awareness of contact with ET family in waking states. We ARE walking stargates. We have anchored so much light that it really is possible to maintain multi-dimensional awareness regularly. Expect this to accelerate. For those of you who have yet to experience this, allow for the experience; it is coming easily and rapidly for many.

I realize some of you are still feeling very triggered by events on the world political stage. If so, know that you are using these events to clear old programming from your cellular memory. Feel whatever needs to be felt without any judgment of yourself. Goodness, the collapse of the old timelines was never going to be pretty, but the more we love ourselves unconditionally through whatever arises, the gentler it will be for everyone.

What I am calling the mother of all shifts is what my guides are telling me is a permanent shift into Unity consciousness. And soon! Enough of us have cleared enough karma and moved beyond separation consciousness that we are reaching a tipping point. Will everyone experience this at once? I don’t feel that will be the case. But I do feel we will see a domino effect of embodiment at different portals/gateways throughout 2017.

Do not lose heart if you are feeling mired in emotional or physical clearing! Some souls opted for speed and others opted for less intensity. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. No one path is superior to another! Each fully awakens in their own divine timing. You cannot miss a thing.

But for those of you who feel just on the threshold–know that it is true and consider this confirmation. I have felt such a deep sense of joy and connection. Like I’ve never felt before. The irony of using those words is that my sense of “I” has been continuously dissolving into the All. So much so, that the body has had difficulty navigating spatially.

For those of you wanting to explore any of these themes or wanting support through integration, rebirth, or manifestation, it is a potent time to book a session. I’m also thrilled to be offering a teleconference with Wanda Vitale and Heather Green on Saturday, April 22nd.  See the blog post here on my website to find out more about the teleconference. Or simply register at


2 thoughts on “Energy Update: The Mother of All Shifts

  1. I’ve been feeling and experiencing all of these! So encouraging to meet someone who is consciously processing these experiences and helping others too. Thank you.

    • Happy to hear that this information resonated! We all experience life at our own, perfect pace and in our own perfect rhythm, but it always feels good to connect and share and realize how alike we are. Blessings on your journey, brother.

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