The Light (Body) of a Further Unveiling

Love takes off masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.

~James Baldwin
I’m reflecting tonight on the previous 5 or 6 days, which included a somewhat painful physical release.  I woke this morning feeling much better; so much so that I volunteered to do some energy work for a friend who also has been going through physical release.

As I called in the energies to support her this morning I immediately became aware of very high frequencies that were present and emerging, not from any source outside of Self, but from within. I immediately relaxed deeply as I saw both of us bathing in these magnificent hues of colors that confused my mind. Green was the closest word I could find, though wholly inadequate as these were shades I had never seen with my physical sight. I realized quickly I was witnessing an entirely other spectrum (and geometry) of color and light than I had ever registered before. With it I heard a symphony of harmonics that were new to me as well.

As I relaxed further, I realized–as is so often the case–there was nothing to direct, but rather it was simply for me to open, allow, receive, and witness the transmission.

The experience was so sublime that the guides narrated it as best they could to my mind which could not quite compute what it was experiencing. They said clearly, “This is not a healing. You are witnessing the deeper truth.” What they showed me then was an image of green grass that had already started emerging from under a rapidly-melting spring snow. I saw how vibrant (vibrating) my friend was in her energy and I felt the same. I dashed off a quick note to her to report what I saw and proceeded into an appointment with a client. All through the session I felt/heard and saw the gentle re-calibration of my field locking in these higher frequencies into the body.

It wasn’t until the early, sleepless hours of this morning I realized I had witnessed the crossing of a threshold of the merger of the light body with the physical. “Do not doubt,” the guides whispered as I typed these words at 2:22 a.m.

This is not to say there isn’t a continual unfolding or revelation of the many and multi-dimensional facets of the crystalline structure which is us. Each will experience this merger in divine right timing for our individual souls.  But, there are times–and this is one of them–to allow ourselves full comprehension and integration of this merger. Offer gratitude to your own heart for enduring so very much.  And surrender to the malleable nature of this reality.   The ego/mind will want to label phenomena according to very old programs. Be patient and gentle with yourself, but release any rigidity about what is reality and what is not.  If in doubt, your heart will always know.


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