Rotted Flooring and a Few Rusty Nails: Revealing the True Foundation

Over the years–and regularly for the last year–I have received information from my guides about the dismantling/collapse of the matrix and the lower timelines. I’ve written about that publicly–mostly in metaphor–because the players, personalities, and mechanisms of the old enslavement structures/programs hold little interest for me. (The Rothschilds? Clintons? Illuminati? Chem trails? False flag attacks? Mandatory vaccinations? Yawn. Been there, done that.) What excites me is witnessing and empowering others to claim their freedom. More specifically, because we are all free (but most have yet to recognize/access their sovereignty) the excitement for me comes when others awaken to our true nature–primordially pure, unborn and undying. And, in my own life, I love when I recognize some old conditioning still in play and simply toss it on the compost pile. There’s nothing that Source cannot recycle. If you’ve been at this game for a while, the long years of shadow work and painful extraction of rigid patterning are over.

That said, it was essential–for me, at least–to see, feel, and remember the many lifetimes in which I donned the dark mask of predator or enslaver–and to, first, forgive my soul, then to finally see through the entire charade of duality with utter equanimity and compassion. (If you think I am speaking to this experience intellectually, please be assured that when I first started remembering lifetimes as the perpetrator of ritualistic sexual abuse and mass torture or other gruesome acts, please know it brought me to my knees.)

Chögyam Trungpa said it so eloquently: “The ultimate implication of the words ‘peace on earth’ is to remove altogether the ideas of peace and war and to open yourself equally and completely to the positive and negative aspects of the world. It is like seeing the world from an aerial point of view: there is light, there is dark; both are accepted. You are not trying to defend the light against the dark.” This is life beyond duality. And from that great love, we consciously create the reality we prefer. These are exciting times!

All of this said, this morning the Guardians of the Primary Ascension Timeline reminded me that for the next few days you may find yourself involved in tearing up some rotted flooring that seemingly held old structures in place. The task may seem daunting–or even slightly dangerous or precarious–as you face pulling up and potentially walking on–the loose, rusty nails. But, in truth, all will give easily and you will find yourself with bare foundations. Just take care to mindfully and patiently remove whatever has become obsolete. Below the surface you will find a serviceable foundation, one that you may not have even realized was available for you to use! You will be able to build upon this true foundation–one that was created by you and for you–more easily than you ever imagined.  Just because the foundation of your house is built of light, does not mean that it is flimsy.  Rather, its malleability ensures that its manifestation in the physical realms will be suited to your particular soul’s signature.

I’d love to hear what you are revealing to yourself! And what new construction awaits. Alway, much love…