The Miracle We’ve Been Waiting For

It has been three years since my guides told me that the 3D matrix of the enslavement game was kaput–nonexistent.  When the game of enslavement ended in 2012, we began dismantling the energetic structures that held it in place.  I could hardly believe it when they first told me that the old matrix had been totally dismantled  My life, at that time, certainly did not reflect that reality; I was in the thick of remembering and processing childhood incest.   It took me a full year of integrating fractured aspects of myself from the trauma, a full year of rewiring my nervous system, to really begin to grasp the enormity of what they were telling me.  And to be able to feel it.

But by the fall of 2016, I began to see undeniable signs in my visions and my own life.  The only parts of the old matrix that were left, were the flotsam and jetsam washing up on shore, so to speak—shards and fragments, bones and innard–of a skeleton, the infrastructure we created long ago to sustain the appearance of polarity and serve the game of descension.   At that time, my guides told me we were only experiencing the old limitations because we still believed in them.  We were experiencing them like phantom pains from a diseased limb that had already been surgically removed.

Flash forward a couple years and I would say that some of us in the high vibe tribe are in the last throes of releasing the residue that keeps us from fully believing and experiencing the truth that we are already inhabiting New Earth. This is not wrong or bad if we’re still releasing residue; there is always a divine timing to fully claiming our sovereignty as creators—and consistently creating from the higher octaves of frequency/vibration.

We are completing the end of a cycle that is meant to squeeze all the old toothpaste (residue) out of the tube. Many of us are able to hold multidimensional awareness—including compassion, detachment, and equanimity—while the old patterning arises and releases.  Often, even as we clear and feel the emotions or physical sensations that the clearing entails, we know better than to believe the old stories that once accompanied the feelings.  Take heart, if you find yourself being squeezed or squeezing the last of the old gunk out.  We are already brilliant multidimensional beings of love and light.  The realization of this–the completion of releasing residue–can happen so very quickly now.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to regularly anchor in and amplify the vision/feeling/knowing of a life of joy, ease, and abundance.  Feel the marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine within.  Feel your life as the expression of unconditional love it is.  Then look for it!  It’s here because we are the miracle we’ve been waiting for.

If you’re wanting extra assistance now releasing the old distortions/beliefs or activating or anchoring in some of the the higher frequencies/technologies, my sessions have been off-the-charts powerful!  I’ve expanded (and continue expanding) my personal bandwidth as a channel/conduit and aligned with an incredible ease in my facilitation.  We are supported like never before.  And I am offering a sliding scale fee of $100 to $200.

“Drop the disbelief.  Notice the Miracle!”


I can’t thank you enough for our session on Friday. I feel profoundly grateful for you and your energy and your amazing skill. I honestly think that may have been one of the best and biggest sessions I’ve ever had with anyone.


I have suffered with severe anxiety since early adulthood. The very thought of having to get in a car to travel anywhere would send me into a panicked state, sometimes for days before a planned trip. Crossing bridges have always been particularly traumatic. While driving in heavy traffic over a bridge, I once froze solid in terror and could not move the vehicle. My brother had to jump out and run around to the driver’s side to get us going again. The day after my session with Theresa, I took a trip into town, which requires going over a very high and long bridge. I was completely free of the awful giant knotting sensation in the middle of my torso and could actually breathe freely.

It is difficult to fully explain how wonderful and freeing was my new experience as if tons of rock had been lifted from me. Within the 24 hours after the session with Theresa, I also experienced complete and painless full range of motion in my right ankle which I broke two years ago and even with extensive physical therapy, could not use freely before Theresa’s healing session. Also, I regained the ability to raise my left arm over my head without pain, which previously had been impossible. I cannot fully describe how incredible the experience with Theresa was but only that she helped make me a whole person again in ways that I have not experienced for over 40 years. ”



With thanks to Bernie Krausse for the photo of me in my joy.