The Miracle We’ve Been Waiting For

It has been three years since my guides told me that the 3D matrix of the enslavement game was kaput–nonexistent.  When the game of enslavement ended in 2012, we began dismantling the energetic structures that held it in place.  I could hardly believe it when they first told me that the old matrix had been totally dismantled  My life, at that time, certainly did not reflect that reality; I was in the thick of remembering and processing childhood incest.   It took me a full year of integrating fractured aspects of myself from the trauma, a full year of rewiring my nervous system, to really begin to grasp the enormity of what they were telling me.  And to be able to feel it.

But by the fall of 2016, I began to see undeniable signs in my visions and my own life.  The only parts of the old matrix that were left, were the flotsam and jetsam washing up on shore, so to speak—shards and fragments, bones and innard–of a skeleton, the infrastructure we created long ago to sustain the appearance of polarity and serve the game of descension.   At that time, my guides told me we were only experiencing the old limitations because we still believed in them.  We were experiencing them like phantom pains from a diseased limb that had already been surgically removed.

Flash forward a couple years and I would say that some of us in the high vibe tribe are in the last throes of releasing the residue that keeps us from fully believing and experiencing the truth that we are already inhabiting New Earth. This is not wrong or bad if we’re still releasing residue; there is always a divine timing to fully claiming our sovereignty as creators—and consistently creating from the higher octaves of frequency/vibration.

We are completing the end of a cycle that is meant to squeeze all the old toothpaste (residue) out of the tube. Many of us are able to hold multidimensional awareness—including compassion, detachment, and equanimity—while the old patterning arises and releases.  Often, even as we clear and feel the emotions or physical sensations that the clearing entails, we know better than to believe the old stories that once accompanied the feelings.  Take heart, if you find yourself being squeezed or squeezing the last of the old gunk out.  We are already brilliant multidimensional beings of love and light.  The realization of this–the completion of releasing residue–can happen so very quickly now.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to regularly anchor in and amplify the vision/feeling/knowing of a life of joy, ease, and abundance.  Feel the marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine within.  Feel your life as the expression of unconditional love it is.  Then look for it!  It’s here because we are the miracle we’ve been waiting for.

If you’re wanting extra assistance now releasing the old distortions/beliefs or activating or anchoring in some of the the higher frequencies/technologies, my sessions have been off-the-charts powerful!  I’ve expanded (and continue expanding) my personal bandwidth as a channel/conduit and aligned with an incredible ease in my facilitation.  We are supported like never before.  And I am offering a sliding scale fee of $100 to $200.

“Drop the disbelief.  Notice the Miracle!”


I can’t thank you enough for our session on Friday. I feel profoundly grateful for you and your energy and your amazing skill. I honestly think that may have been one of the best and biggest sessions I’ve ever had with anyone.


I have suffered with severe anxiety since early adulthood. The very thought of having to get in a car to travel anywhere would send me into a panicked state, sometimes for days before a planned trip. Crossing bridges have always been particularly traumatic. While driving in heavy traffic over a bridge, I once froze solid in terror and could not move the vehicle. My brother had to jump out and run around to the driver’s side to get us going again. The day after my session with Theresa, I took a trip into town, which requires going over a very high and long bridge. I was completely free of the awful giant knotting sensation in the middle of my torso and could actually breathe freely.

It is difficult to fully explain how wonderful and freeing was my new experience as if tons of rock had been lifted from me. Within the 24 hours after the session with Theresa, I also experienced complete and painless full range of motion in my right ankle which I broke two years ago and even with extensive physical therapy, could not use freely before Theresa’s healing session. Also, I regained the ability to raise my left arm over my head without pain, which previously had been impossible. I cannot fully describe how incredible the experience with Theresa was but only that she helped make me a whole person again in ways that I have not experienced for over 40 years. ”



With thanks to Bernie Krausse for the photo of me in my joy.


The Peace of Wild Things: Or, A Genius is the One Most Like Himself

My plan, then, in so far as the negation of all effort and purpose may be said to be a plan, is to stop evolving, to remain what I am and to become more and more only what I am – that is, to become more miraculous.
~Henry Miller

We should not for a moment consider even our best-established knowledge of existence as true. It is awareness only of the colors that our own vision paints on the film of one bubble, in one strand of foam, on the ocean of being.
~Olaf Stapledon

I like to hear the sound of form, and I like to hear the sound of it breaking.
~Frederick Seidel

A genius is the one most like himself.
~Thelonious Monk

If I’ve ever “accomplished” anything in my work as an energetic intuitive/facilitator, it’s been pointing the people I work with back not to their own true north, but to the unfailing compass within. True north–and nearly all truths–are relative, depending on where we’re located within space/time and a wide variety of of other factors. The compass within allows us to center in the unfailing truth of the impermanence and interdependence of all phenomena, as well as the unfailing truth of the empty, luminous, and infinite nature of all being.

That said, Reality has never before–and will never again–express itself as you. Funny that “you” are always changing, but even then, we often discover ourselves as a flavor that deepens in its richness in the simmering. We may also discover that our singular flavor is actually a composite of ingredients–and yet, those ingredients have never combined in this way before.

I could write in metaphor all day and still not fully paint or point to this extraordinary play of color and geometry, sound and rhythm that springs from the eternal, great emptiness that some term “zero point.”  We must discover it within and, ironically, that discovery often means a great unraveling of nearly everything we ever thought to be true–about ourselves and this whole construct we call “reality.”

We have entered a time in which each of us are called to be ourselves fully–more truly and yes, often more strange–than perhaps we ever imagined possible or deemed desirable.  This is the original returning to the wild darkness and the untamed light and it is asking of you to live it fully and embodied. How you live this will not look like how anyone has ever lived it.  No one will grant you permission to do this or be this in the world.  You will sometimes appear to walk alone. There will be no road maps to this kind of freedom, but the compass within will unfailingly lead you to the true north that is truest for you–moment by moment.

Where then–or what then–is true north if even that, too, is an ever-changing location?  It is a place I call The Peace of Wild Things.  I’ll meet you there.


Ancient Roman/African tile mosaic depicting bird-women. Photo taken at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, Tunisia.

With thanks to the poet Wendell Berry who, many years ago, brought to my heart the phrase ” peace of wild things,” where it has remained nestled and honored.

The Words Under the Words

Feeling an exquisite tenderness the last day or so: one good cry and a weepiness that doesn’t quite want to let go, a body that’s tired and a little feverish. The chickens have entered into their first hard molt. Well, at least Ethel and Priscilla have–Roberta can’t be far behind. The temperature has dropped, it’s damp and spitting rain and sweet Ethel is missing a third of her feathers. My parents are having surgery on their cataracts this month–one eye a week for four weeks, each alternating turns. A high school friend’s father just passed yesterday. I give thanks for each visit with my folks now. None of us ever really know. We are infinite and impermanent all at once.

There is so much love–not just in my heart and in my life–but spilling over everywhere–that mostly I do not know how to speak of it without sounding like I’ve gone mad. I barely know how to give thanks for it. I just do my damnedest to get out of the way and let it flow through me. Some days I have to work not to bowl over folks who aren’t quite ready to receive that tidal wave.

I’ve wanted to write about Tunisia, about the light that the people and land there carry, about literally seeing it rise off of the ground and food and bodies as though it was steam in a sauna. I’ve wanted to write about how precious this time is–each of us in various stages of profoundly realizing the true nature of our being: perfectly pure, unborn and undying, luminous and free. I know some days, when the distortions arise for release–when previously fragmented and disowned aspects of self come up for integration–that can look like overwhelming emotions and a body that can’t seem to catch up. I know some days it looks to some of you more like everything falling apart than coming together. But all I can see is light exploding everywhere.

And though I can barely find them–I hope you can hear the words under the words.

[For those of you who are interested, ask me about one of the largest ET colonies on the planet that is anchored in Tunisia or the hybrid nature of the Berber tribe and the Touaregs as human guardians of the primary ascension timeline.  Or ask about the unfathomable collapse of lower timelines or DNA activations we experienced there or light structures we worked with. I’ll gladly respond in another post.]

My grandmother’s hands recognize grapes,
the damp shine of a goat’s new skin.
When I was sick they followed me,
I woke from the long fever to find them
covering my head like cool prayers.

My grandmother’s days are made of bread,
a round pat-pat and the slow baking.
She waits by the oven watching a strange car
circle the streets. Maybe it holds her son,
lost to America. More often, tourists,
who kneel and weep at mysterious shrines.
She knows how often mail arrives,
how rarely there is a letter.
When one comes, she announces it, a miracle,
listening to it read again and again
in the dim evening light.

My grandmother’s voice says nothing can surprise her.
Take her the shotgun wound and the crippled baby.
She knows the spaces we travel through,
the messages we cannot send—our voices are short
and would get lost on the journey.
Farewell to the husband’s coat,
the ones she has loved and nourished,
who fly from her like seeds into a deep sky.
They will plant themselves. We will all die.

My grandmother’s eyes say Allah is everywhere, even in death.
When she talks of the orchard and the new olive press,
when she tells the stories of Joha and his foolish wisdoms,
He is her first thought, what she really thinks of is His name.
“Answer, if you hear the words under the words—
otherwise it is just a world with a lot of rough edges,
difficult to get through, and our pockets full of stones.”

~Naomi Shihab Nye


Sunset over Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. October 2017.


Freedom and the Rule of Three Signs

Since I moved to Grass Valley I’ve been thrashing about. I don’t know how else to describe it; I’ve been unexpectedly restless and wanting to knock down walls without even knowing what walls I felt limited by. I was surprised to feel so constrained; from many vantage points, I have a lot of freedom. Eventually I realized I was trying to knock down some inner walls and limitations–old conditioned restraints I didn’t know were still in operation. So I set about that task energetically. These shifts can be made very quickly now because there is no matrix holding us in enslavement patterns. It’s only our own mind that holds that illusion in place. In spite of feeling most of the walls come down, I felt constrained. I could–and can still–palpably FEEL the density of some of “my” creations in the etheric, but am not seeing them manifest physically. “What the hell is going on here?” I asked my team, less than politely. I’ve been waiting for the response.

A long time ago–I don’t remember when now–I told my team that if they wanted to really impress a message upon me that they would have to give me three signs. It’s too easy to doubt one sign alone, particularly if I have even a hair’s-breadth of attachment to any given outcome. So the “rule of three” is my personal gold standard.

Sign #1

I had a dream right before I woke up this morning.

I was driving to some kind of party that I wasn’t very excited about attending, but I had promised to bring some essential supplies so I “had” to be there. (In general I don’t like parties. I’d rather have dinner with close friends and dance in the kitchen, but that’s an aside.) Anyway, I hopped in the car and started driving.

The route seemed to take forever and eventually the roads got narrow and rocky and then there was no road at all. In spite of this, somehow I knew where I was going. Eventually I came upon an impossibly large canyon. I didn’t panic; I just flew over it in my car and landed on another patch of rocky soil, never intended to be a road. I drover further until I arrived at my destination. In order to get to the party I had to walk through a huge, grassy field, which was quite beautiful, then traverse an indescribably large–and precariously-hung–tarp which was strung across yet another chasm. When I reached the end of the tarp, I had to slide down a ladder many thousands of feet of direct vertical drop. Again I wasn’t scared. I landed on my feet on another beautiful grassy field.

The landscape and scenery were lush and sparkling–a grand party was being constructed on a waterfront. Everything was bedecked with flowers and trees and lights; no effort was spared. There were tents and stages and dance floors and dining rooms in various stages of completion. But the party hadn’t started yet. The caterers and thousands of other party assistants were still organizing and preparing. I knew many other friends were going to be there but it didn’t appear any of them had made it yet, so I just hung out. Eventually a friend appeared. “Have you been here long?” I asked. “A while,” she replied. “I’ve been waiting in the meditation tent.” I smiled because that was her style and her vehicle. She meditated her way here.

As I stood talking with her I noticed other “early arrivals” driving up through a massive porte-cochère. Some were arriving in limousines and had enjoyed a more comfortable, but less (shall we say) adventurous ride to our shared destination.

Then I woke.

Sign #2

As I was making coffee I read a Matt Kahn quote that a friend had posted. It was Matt’s response to someone who was ill and not “healed” yet. His response was almost identical to the message of my dream. The timing of her healing was in perfect order, was going to happen no matter what, just not at that moment, so why not relax and be gentle with herself? She wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I smiled and then asked the guides–knowing the answer before they even responded. “Why did I take such a bumpy journey? Why did I traverse ground no one else had crossed and navigate deep chasms?”

“How else would you have had such a great adventure and remembered that you can fly?”

Sign #3

The final message also came via the the great oracle of Facebook. I glanced at my “memories.” On this day, 7 years ago, my last “formal” teacher had written a note to me. It read:

“We all have that space of pain that comes before yearning and magic, almost like the stillness before rain storm–thick, heavy, still, no air; even the bug people do not speak. The tree leaves just wait. Grass stand together, but alone, each blade, waiting. Then, as Chogyam says, ‘breeze of delight’ sweeps the world and all beings give a big sigh, then smile.

“Thank you. You are my breeze of delight.”


After the third sign appeared I heard these words clearly:

How do you know you’re truly free?

When you even trust  limitation.

We are always truly where we need to be. It matters not if you are still on the road to the party, if you have a flat tire, if you’ve missed your ride, or if you’ve arrived before the festivities. The party is your destiny, as is the journey. We cannot miss a thing.

If you look for me, you’ll find me dancing in the kitchen with friends.

Participants launch sky lanterns during an event in Puebla, near Mexico City

Rotted Flooring and a Few Rusty Nails: Revealing the True Foundation

Over the years–and regularly for the last year–I have received information from my guides about the dismantling/collapse of the matrix and the lower timelines. I’ve written about that publicly–mostly in metaphor–because the players, personalities, and mechanisms of the old enslavement structures/programs hold little interest for me. (The Rothschilds? Clintons? Illuminati? Chem trails? False flag attacks? Mandatory vaccinations? Yawn. Been there, done that.) What excites me is witnessing and empowering others to claim their freedom. More specifically, because we are all free (but most have yet to recognize/access their sovereignty) the excitement for me comes when others awaken to our true nature–primordially pure, unborn and undying. And, in my own life, I love when I recognize some old conditioning still in play and simply toss it on the compost pile. There’s nothing that Source cannot recycle. If you’ve been at this game for a while, the long years of shadow work and painful extraction of rigid patterning are over.

That said, it was essential–for me, at least–to see, feel, and remember the many lifetimes in which I donned the dark mask of predator or enslaver–and to, first, forgive my soul, then to finally see through the entire charade of duality with utter equanimity and compassion. (If you think I am speaking to this experience intellectually, please be assured that when I first started remembering lifetimes as the perpetrator of ritualistic sexual abuse and mass torture or other gruesome acts, please know it brought me to my knees.)

Chögyam Trungpa said it so eloquently: “The ultimate implication of the words ‘peace on earth’ is to remove altogether the ideas of peace and war and to open yourself equally and completely to the positive and negative aspects of the world. It is like seeing the world from an aerial point of view: there is light, there is dark; both are accepted. You are not trying to defend the light against the dark.” This is life beyond duality. And from that great love, we consciously create the reality we prefer. These are exciting times!

All of this said, this morning the Guardians of the Primary Ascension Timeline reminded me that for the next few days you may find yourself involved in tearing up some rotted flooring that seemingly held old structures in place. The task may seem daunting–or even slightly dangerous or precarious–as you face pulling up and potentially walking on–the loose, rusty nails. But, in truth, all will give easily and you will find yourself with bare foundations. Just take care to mindfully and patiently remove whatever has become obsolete. Below the surface you will find a serviceable foundation, one that you may not have even realized was available for you to use! You will be able to build upon this true foundation–one that was created by you and for you–more easily than you ever imagined.  Just because the foundation of your house is built of light, does not mean that it is flimsy.  Rather, its malleability ensures that its manifestation in the physical realms will be suited to your particular soul’s signature.

I’d love to hear what you are revealing to yourself! And what new construction awaits. Alway, much love…


The Light (Body) of a Further Unveiling

Love takes off masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.

~James Baldwin
I’m reflecting tonight on the previous 5 or 6 days, which included a somewhat painful physical release.  I woke this morning feeling much better; so much so that I volunteered to do some energy work for a friend who also has been going through physical release.

As I called in the energies to support her this morning I immediately became aware of very high frequencies that were present and emerging, not from any source outside of Self, but from within. I immediately relaxed deeply as I saw both of us bathing in these magnificent hues of colors that confused my mind. Green was the closest word I could find, though wholly inadequate as these were shades I had never seen with my physical sight. I realized quickly I was witnessing an entirely other spectrum (and geometry) of color and light than I had ever registered before. With it I heard a symphony of harmonics that were new to me as well.

As I relaxed further, I realized–as is so often the case–there was nothing to direct, but rather it was simply for me to open, allow, receive, and witness the transmission.

The experience was so sublime that the guides narrated it as best they could to my mind which could not quite compute what it was experiencing. They said clearly, “This is not a healing. You are witnessing the deeper truth.” What they showed me then was an image of green grass that had already started emerging from under a rapidly-melting spring snow. I saw how vibrant (vibrating) my friend was in her energy and I felt the same. I dashed off a quick note to her to report what I saw and proceeded into an appointment with a client. All through the session I felt/heard and saw the gentle re-calibration of my field locking in these higher frequencies into the body.

It wasn’t until the early, sleepless hours of this morning I realized I had witnessed the crossing of a threshold of the merger of the light body with the physical. “Do not doubt,” the guides whispered as I typed these words at 2:22 a.m.

This is not to say there isn’t a continual unfolding or revelation of the many and multi-dimensional facets of the crystalline structure which is us. Each will experience this merger in divine right timing for our individual souls.  But, there are times–and this is one of them–to allow ourselves full comprehension and integration of this merger. Offer gratitude to your own heart for enduring so very much.  And surrender to the malleable nature of this reality.   The ego/mind will want to label phenomena according to very old programs. Be patient and gentle with yourself, but release any rigidity about what is reality and what is not.  If in doubt, your heart will always know.


April 22nd TELECONFERENCE: Trusting Your Path: From Integration to Manifestation

Are you ready to start seeing the fruits of your soul’s greatest desires and creations? We’ve all been in deep transformational processes for the first few months of 2017, but over the next several weeks, like butterflies, we’ll finally be breaking out of our cocoons and soaring forward into our destinies.

As we prepare to embark upon our shining new paths, we are called to go beyond fear, doubt and the ingrained behaviors that have limited our ability to move into the freedom of soul expression. As we merge deeply with our highest selves, we let go of issues, patterns, relationships or circumstances that no longer resonate or fit. We then get to experience the fulfillment, joy, and abundance that is truly who we are.

Join energy intuitives Wanda Vitale of, Heather Green of, and me to learn how to gracefully release those old, illusionary safety nets and all that no longer serves, while accessing your strength and support from the infinite within. Discover how to navigate these changing currents, following your soul’s direction even when all the familiar signposts on the path have disappeared. We will address this from the perspective of both the individual soul’s evolution as well as from a cosmic/galactic perspective. It’s time to manifest the next level of your soul’s passion and purpose!

WE WILL LEAVE SUBSTANTIAL TIME FOR ANSWERING AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE. If you’re not able to join us you can listen at your convenience.

Aprils 22nd, 10 to noon Pacific time

To register:
$20 includes a recording of the session.