Energy Update: The Mother of All Shifts

Sending a big wave of love to everyone. How are you feeling? I’m seeing folks move up and down fast and hard this week–quick, emotional outbursts that are often agitated and fiery. I’m also seeing many with a deep sense of exhaustion and some drawing in experiences of illness or accident in order to slow themselves down and integrate. I’m tired myself, though that’s often the case.

These last few weeks have been distinguished by the most profound level of light embodiment we’ve ever experienced. I’ve required even more time than usual to be very still in a meditative state, to move slowly and gently–and I allow a lot of time each day normally. My body vibrates unceasingly and I’m noticing extreme fluctuations in my physicality. Some are describing this as “being way out there,” or “spacey and unable to ground,” but really we are just experiencing the integration of the light body.

We are in a deep purification of collective timelines and preparing to make (what feels to me) as the most significant upshift we’ve ever made. I’m calling it the mother of all shifts! Others are calling it a timeline split.

I can understand why. In the last month or so I’ve experienced what I would call a death review, but from this life. The sense of both grief and detachment from my sense of self and from personal history was remarkable; so much so that at a couple of junctures I really wondered if I was about to leave the body. Many are releasing the last bit of attachment to 3D and old identities. Shortly afterwards I experienced watching huge chunks of my soul’s Akashic records completely erased. My guides are giving me multiple signs confirming the collapse of these old timelines. This disconnection is essential so that we can experience a rebirth into the higher self.

You may also be experiencing extraordinary time and space anomalies as well as
increased awareness of contact with ET family in waking states. We ARE walking stargates. We have anchored so much light that it really is possible to maintain multi-dimensional awareness regularly. Expect this to accelerate. For those of you who have yet to experience this, allow for the experience; it is coming easily and rapidly for many.

I realize some of you are still feeling very triggered by events on the world political stage. If so, know that you are using these events to clear old programming from your cellular memory. Feel whatever needs to be felt without any judgment of yourself. Goodness, the collapse of the old timelines was never going to be pretty, but the more we love ourselves unconditionally through whatever arises, the gentler it will be for everyone.

What I am calling the mother of all shifts is what my guides are telling me is a permanent shift into Unity consciousness. And soon! Enough of us have cleared enough karma and moved beyond separation consciousness that we are reaching a tipping point. Will everyone experience this at once? I don’t feel that will be the case. But I do feel we will see a domino effect of embodiment at different portals/gateways throughout 2017.

Do not lose heart if you are feeling mired in emotional or physical clearing! Some souls opted for speed and others opted for less intensity. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. No one path is superior to another! Each fully awakens in their own divine timing. You cannot miss a thing.

But for those of you who feel just on the threshold–know that it is true and consider this confirmation. I have felt such a deep sense of joy and connection. Like I’ve never felt before. The irony of using those words is that my sense of “I” has been continuously dissolving into the All. So much so, that the body has had difficulty navigating spatially.

For those of you wanting to explore any of these themes or wanting support through integration, rebirth, or manifestation, it is a potent time to book a session. I’m also thrilled to be offering a teleconference with Wanda Vitale and Heather Green on Saturday, April 22nd.  See the blog post here on my website to find out more about the teleconference. Or simply register at


The Child’s Moon

Sending love to everyone as the moon waxes to full on Sunday morning, marking the end of the six week eclipse tunnel.  It has been an incredibly tender time for me, as I navigated and released layers of trauma that were hidden from my consciousness, including from my own birth and the birth of my daughter via cesarean section. I quite literally felt and remembered swimming in the amniotic fluid as well as trying to scream for my daughter as the surgeon cut open my belly and pulled her from my body (I was fully anesthetized.)

Many of you have also been swimming in the watery depths or sailing the hazy waters of energetic and emotional patterns that were formed before you had conscious choice over your response to the world. This may look like fear or grief or an addiction that does not want to let go.  It might be the ending of a significant relationship or the looming death of a parent.  It might be a recurring issue that still feels slippery or opaque. Whatever you have been facing, know that the pain and discomfort you feel also holds within it the medicine and healing. Once we say yes to fully feeling whatever our body or heart is asking us to feel, most of the healing is complete.  It may not appear that way to the human part of us that is impatient and frustrated as a process unfolds in its own divine timing, but getting to the point where we surrender to the wisdom of the pain and the unknown marks the beginning of the completion, even before the completion manifests.

I’ve also noticed during this eclipse passage a deep arising and healing of wounds carried by the feminine and through the maternal lineages. This is regardless of one’s gender identity. Thank you to all the courageous souls who are willing to honor, respect, heal, nurture, and embody the feminine within.  There are many markers in this full moon that point to a continued arising of the feminine–sometimes in its dark, primordial, and wrathful form, which is, in fact, the energy of destruction in service to life. Know that this makes way for a deeper healing of the masculine within and without and our ability as a people to move further into balance and unity with each other and the planet.

Wherever this reading finds you–in the throes of death or the birth of the new–please hold yourself as tenderly as you would a child crying for its parent.  Your heart and mine are so worthy of this gentle light.
The moon is full tonight
an illustration for sheet music,
an image in Matthew Arnold
glimmering on the English Channel,
or a ghost over a smoldering battlefield
in one of the history plays.

It’s as full as it was
in that poem by Coleridge
where he carries his year-old son
into the orchard behind the cottage
and turns the baby’s face to the sky
to see for the first time
the earth’s bright companion,
something amazing to make his crying seem small.

And if you wanted to follow this example,
tonight would be the night
to carry some tiny creature outside
and introduce him to the moon.

And if your house has no child,
you can always gather into your arms
the sleeping infant of yourself,
as I have done tonight,
and carry him outdoors,
all limp in his tattered blanket,
making sure to steady his lolling head
with the palm of your hand.

And while the wind ruffles the pear trees
in the corner of the orchard
and dark roses wave against a stone wall,
you can turn him on your shoulder
and walk in circles on the lawn
drunk with the light.
You can lift him up into the sky,
your eyes nearly as wide as his,
as the moon climbs high into the night.

–Billy Collins


Solar Eclipse Light Activation

My colleague, Wanda Vitale, and I hosted a free teleconference and light activation today to assist each of you in releasing old, distorted energies from your physical, emotional, and energetic fields, as well as anchor higher frequencies of light.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  Below find a brief summary of some of the topics we covered and a link to a recording of the activation:

We’re in the midst of some of the most powerful energetic transitions of 2017. This eclipse sandwich has been relentless in exposing a myriad of old patterns, judgments, and attachments, as well as stored grief, anger, and fear. Many are seeing intimate relationships and work and living situations end but with no sense of what is next. Anything that’s been buried in the subconscious has demanded to be seen and felt. This time of deep purification and release is often uncomfortable and can feel hard on our bodies as new light codes integrate into our cellular structure daily. Pain, heart palpitations, shaking–everything from deep exhaustion to feeling like a volcano about to erupt are not uncommon.

We are being asked not only take full responsibility for what we are experiencing and creating but also to step further into service. If you’re reading this you are generally aware of the greater unfolding happening now. Many on the planet are projecting their inner fearful landscape outwardly, as demonstrated by the current political climate in the U.S. Your intention to hold all in unity matters more than ever.

Join energy intuitives Wanda Vitale and Theresa Luttenegger this Sunday morning, February 26th, at 10:00 AM PST–just minutes after the completion of the new moon solar eclipse–for a group call. Join us in service to and love for ourselves and the collective. We will provide a series of exercises that will assist in soothing and recalibrating frayed nervous systems, expanding into an awareness beyond the level of the mind, and then anchor in and expand the peace that is available at all times. The group dynamic will amplify what is possible on an individual level.  The world needs your service at this crucial time.


Molecular Rearrangement and the Layer Cake of Now

You need a witness just to know you’re there
From the tips of your fingers, every strand of hair
And know someone’s watching you
Watching me, watching you
And all that we look upon
You may not know me but you feel my stare

And if she sees you, it changes you
Rearranges your molecules…

~Andrew Bird, from “Roma Fade”

If you’re energetically sensitive, you may notice that “reality” has been a whole lot less solid and a whole lot more loopedy-loop lately.

About 3 p.m. this afternoon, working at my desk, my body started aching like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. Throbbing pain creeped up so quickly I felt disoriented. Then I remembered there were supposed to be some big geomagnetic storms.  I asked my team for some energetic assistance and some of the intensity started to subside.  I still feel pretty achey, but I was able to continue on with my day.

Just before dark I walked outside to clean out the chicken coop and the chickens ran up and immediately commented, “Those magnetics are weird, aren’t they?!” I wasn’t even thinking about the storm then!  I asked them specifically, “So it’s weird for you, too?”  “Yes!” they replied, “Very wonky!” Well, of course, wonky is my word, but chickens speak in frequency, not the English language, and that’s how I translated the frequency. (Those of you who channel understand that the download happens in a split second in an energetic packet.) They went on to comment that there are such erratic, shifting timelines right now, which, of course, I’ve been noticing as well.  I’m seeing and feeling a lot in waves lately–and intense vibration. In my body and the earth.  Kind of like I’m surfing most of the time.  But instead of surfing water, I feel I’m surfing a layer cake and sometimes certain layers open unexpectedly or collapse into each other.  It’s also nearly impossible to differentiate myself from the layers–so the surfer and the waves are one.

In this jumble, I’ve noticed that sometimes the multi-dimensional layers are wholly discernible, in the way one can tell chocolate cake from cream cheese frosting from cherry filling.  Even in the midst of “one” human conversation I sometimes hear/experience several dimensional exchanges between myself and another all at once. It gets a little more confusing to track now that I’m having a difficult time discerning between myself and the other!  So if you’re experiencing this–know you are not alone.  The lines are sometimes very blurry or even nonexistent.  So much so that I have “seen” the other person composed of “my” molecules and vice versa. It’s pretty bizarre for the mind to process, but the multi-dimensional consciousness/I AM presence is able to observe it all.

Back to the chickens: after our brief conversation I proceeded to the chicken yard to clean the coop.  As I approached I noticed a fairly deep hole in the ground of the coop which hadn’t been there in the morning. A rat or a mole? It was maybe 4 inches in diameter. I stuck my fingers in and it reached quite a ways down.  I realized I’d have to fill it and maybe put a rock on top.  I didn’t want a rodent tunneling into the coop at night while the chickens slept. But I cleaned the coop first, which took maybe all of 3 minutes.  I reached for a trowel to fill in the hole with dirt and when I bent down I saw that the hole was already filled!  Almost all the way to the top.  Firmly packed.  I blinked and shook my head.  Immediately I understood that I was seeing physical evidence of a timeline shift!  I looked for the girls, but they were off in other parts of the yard.   But they did give me an image. They showed me a fork reaching through the layer cake, upsetting the layers, like an earthquake can warp and raise the ground and they likened the geomagnetic storms to the fork, causing rips in the illusionary fabric–or layer cake–of time/space and dimension.

If you’ve hung with my narrative this far you know I am not an engineer and couldn’t write a technical manual on the mechanics of ascension to save my life! Yet we are all living it and witnessing the re-arrangement–nay, eating it!–one tasty bite of chocolate at a time. Or is it one big forkful of layers smashed together?!  Either way or both, enjoy dessert!

Scattered Thoughts on a Scattered Shore

I want to tell you how we are all ferrying souls–our own–across great seas. I want to tell you how the seaweed write silent haiku and how my favorite words in the English language are flotsam and jetsam

~from my journal, 2014

The wings of a seagull’s body, floating among rocks in the tide pool, were among an extraordinary amount of beautiful remains scattered on the shore by the tides today. I felt as though I had stumbled upon an impromptu charnel ground and marveled at the sheer volume of bones, as well as the legs and shells of crabs and other sea creatures, and innards strewn about.  I came upon a starfish in very shallow water and bent over to pick it up and return it to the ocean.  Before I could move it, I heard it ask me to let it be and in that split second I understood that it was deciding to transition.

As I walked further the guides showed me how literal our dismemberment and re-memberment is at this time–the body releasing physically as well as energetically.  We are being re-arranged, cell by cell, atom by atom. It is no small undertaking to re-build a body while still inhabiting it, but this is the process we are living as we become more fully crystalline.

Earlier in the day I had facilitated a small group and two women had easily released old implants that were put in place to keep them from experiencing the fullness of connection with others.  I hadn’t reflected on the process, particularly, but when I saw the state of the afternoon beach–and the volume of debris being recycled by the earth–I more fully comprehended the magnitude of what has been releasing in the collective these last two weeks.

Again and again, the ocean has shown me how it recycles her dead.  She holds onto nothing. Everything is released into the original flow and worn away until it is dissolved into the imperceptible.

As I walked even further, the next stretch of beach was clean–barely touched by debris. But it was there that I began to notice a smattering of rocks that I had never seen before–translucent and shimmering in the sun. I realized, then, I was being shown the fruition of this intense period of release: the rocks–solid by appearance, seemed illuminated from within.  Our bodies–and our planet, too–really are becoming light.

I was asked to write about this, especially for those of you who are still feeling mired in the release.  Focus now, as often as you can, at the shimmering in the sun. Watch the light dance–on the snow, on the water, or even just on the window glass.  Know it is the truest reflection of all that you carry in you. Of all that you are.


Hollowed and Whole: Solstice Gateway

As I felt the Solstice gateway open these last two days, I’ve been all over the map emotionally and energetically: from clear, bright, and expansive to bowled over–seemingly out of nowhere–by the release of cellular memories of (perceived) abandonment, betrayal, and separation. Yesterday I searched for the words to describe all I feel is happening in the collective with this passage, but the words didn’t come. Last night, as I watched the sunset at the ocean with a friend, fierce winds roared off the Pacific. Sand blew in our eyes and mouths but, with our eyes watering, we laughed. We were exhilarated! We could feel the new energies blowing in and they are  s t r o n g.  All evening, as we ate dinner, drank wine, and marveled at our lives, I heard the words emanating from my heart, “You were made for this. You were made for this.”

This morning, as I woke, the words came. Some are new and some are old and some aren’t even mine. But here, at this magnificent gateway, they blend together:

A cacophany of Mourning Doves just landed on the upstairs deck of the house. The flap of their wings was so loud I thought a helicopter was hovering. I opened the door and they darted about in a haze of confusion–not sure whether to stay or go. Grief and love, release and gratitude, in a haze of gray wings, arriving and departing simultaneously.

~from my journal, December 2013

The whole of my life summed up in these words
I used to be raw
Then I was cooked
Now…on fire


I stand with you at this gateway,  f i e r c e  like that wind and almost equally invisible, save for its effect on the world. Each of us, through the process of elimination:

h o l l o w e d  and  w h o l e  

all at once. Holograms of light, shining in the darkest of days.

We were made for this. We were made for this.




I Am Not What I Am

I am not what I am. My essence escapes me. Here “A” does not equal “A.” It is a durable achievement of existential philosophy to remind us that we should not think of our past as definitely settled, for we are not a stone or a tree. In other words, my past changes every minute according to the meaning given it now, in… this moment.

~Czeslaw Milosz

Since the past is unreal and the future is unreal, all your thoughts are about nothing.

~Byron Katie

At certain junctures–and particularly at crucial junctures–awakening can look and feel a lot like a death review. Ghosts of many Christmases past will visit, but when we recognize them as such, they self-liberate. However, when the ghosts visit–including ghosts of ourselves–there can be such strong emotion and bodily sensations that accompany them, we will mistake them as “real,” delve back into the old stories, and become attached again.  It is very important to feel whatever feelings arise, but it is equally important not to spiral downward in trauma response–particularly in these energies, which magnify whatever we put our attention on.  Reach out for appropriate support and assistance if you find yourself in trauma.

Many of us are finding ourselves at a very powerful threshold now–our old life has become uncomfortable, yet we equate a certain safety with it and often do not sense where it is we are called to–or who or what we are called to be. We have doubts and questions.  In the midst of all this, even the least-sensitive of us are feeling the extreme polarity the “external” world is revealing.  What’s happening in our political and social structures worldwide is mirroring the pendulum swings we often feel within ourselves now.

You’re not going crazy nor are things are getting worse.  But the old energetic patterns of duality are being exposed for what they are.  For those of you who have been consciously shifting for a while now, know that so much of what you’re experiencing as disorientation is actually just part of your consciousness (particularly, the denser body consciousness) being a little slow to recognize the new energetic templates that have replaced the old.  You really have completed an extraordinary transition–it’s just taking a while to realize it and learn how to work with the new energetic template that is you!  I have found myself bouncing around and among a wide variety of dimensional experiences, more quickly than ever before!  At times this has been distressing and other times exhilarating.  Be patient and gentle with yourself as you get your sea legs.

One of the most amazing opportunities in these high-vibrational frequencies is the opportunity for major breakthroughs, accelerated personal clearing, and healing. If you would like support to unravel and release the old energies that are coming up for “death review,” and guidance about stepping into the new, I would love to hear from you. It is a very potent time!

With surrender of the old, deep peace and joy emerge.

For the month of December I am celebrating my anniversary working professionally as an energetic intuitive and offering sessions at my original rate of $100/session.  Contact me directly to schedule an appointment:


no-self portrait, 2011