Molecular Rearrangement and the Layer Cake of Now

You need a witness just to know you’re there
From the tips of your fingers, every strand of hair
And know someone’s watching you
Watching me, watching you
And all that we look upon
You may not know me but you feel my stare

And if she sees you, it changes you
Rearranges your molecules…

~Andrew Bird, from “Roma Fade”

If you’re energetically sensitive, you may notice that “reality” has been a whole lot less solid and a whole lot more loopedy-loop lately.

About 3 p.m. this afternoon, working at my desk, my body started aching like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. Throbbing pain creeped up so quickly I felt disoriented. Then I remembered there were supposed to be some big geomagnetic storms.  I asked my team for some energetic assistance and some of the intensity started to subside.  I still feel pretty achey, but I was able to continue on with my day.

Just before dark I walked outside to clean out the chicken coop and the chickens ran up and immediately commented, “Those magnetics are weird, aren’t they?!” I wasn’t even thinking about the storm then!  I asked them specifically, “So it’s weird for you, too?”  “Yes!” they replied, “Very wonky!” Well, of course, wonky is my word, but chickens speak in frequency, not the English language, and that’s how I translated the frequency. (Those of you who channel understand that the download happens in a split second in an energetic packet.) They went on to comment that there are such erratic, shifting timelines right now, which, of course, I’ve been noticing as well.  I’m seeing and feeling a lot in waves lately–and intense vibration. In my body and the earth.  Kind of like I’m surfing most of the time.  But instead of surfing water, I feel I’m surfing a layer cake and sometimes certain layers open unexpectedly or collapse into each other.  It’s also nearly impossible to differentiate myself from the layers–so the surfer and the waves are one.

In this jumble, I’ve noticed that sometimes the multi-dimensional layers are wholly discernible, in the way one can tell chocolate cake from cream cheese frosting from cherry filling.  Even in the midst of “one” human conversation I sometimes hear/experience several dimensional exchanges between myself and another all at once. It gets a little more confusing to track now that I’m having a difficult time discerning between myself and the other!  So if you’re experiencing this–know you are not alone.  The lines are sometimes very blurry or even nonexistent.  So much so that I have “seen” the other person composed of “my” molecules and vice versa. It’s pretty bizarre for the mind to process, but the multi-dimensional consciousness/I AM presence is able to observe it all.

Back to the chickens: after our brief conversation I proceeded to the chicken yard to clean the coop.  As I approached I noticed a fairly deep hole in the ground of the coop which hadn’t been there in the morning. A rat or a mole? It was maybe 4 inches in diameter. I stuck my fingers in and it reached quite a ways down.  I realized I’d have to fill it and maybe put a rock on top.  I didn’t want a rodent tunneling into the coop at night while the chickens slept. But I cleaned the coop first, which took maybe all of 3 minutes.  I reached for a trowel to fill in the hole with dirt and when I bent down I saw that the hole was already filled!  Almost all the way to the top.  Firmly packed.  I blinked and shook my head.  Immediately I understood that I was seeing physical evidence of a timeline shift!  I looked for the girls, but they were off in other parts of the yard.   But they did give me an image. They showed me a fork reaching through the layer cake, upsetting the layers, like an earthquake can warp and raise the ground and they likened the geomagnetic storms to the fork, causing rips in the illusionary fabric–or layer cake–of time/space and dimension.

If you’ve hung with my narrative this far you know I am not an engineer and couldn’t write a technical manual on the mechanics of ascension to save my life! Yet we are all living it and witnessing the re-arrangement–nay, eating it!–one tasty bite of chocolate at a time. Or is it one big forkful of layers smashed together?!  Either way or both, enjoy dessert!

Scattered Thoughts on a Scattered Shore

I want to tell you how we are all ferrying souls–our own–across great seas. I want to tell you how the seaweed write silent haiku and how my favorite words in the English language are flotsam and jetsam

~from my journal, 2014

The wings of a seagull’s body, floating among rocks in the tide pool, were among an extraordinary amount of beautiful remains scattered on the shore by the tides today. I felt as though I had stumbled upon an impromptu charnel ground and marveled at the sheer volume of bones, as well as the legs and shells of crabs and other sea creatures, and innards strewn about.  I came upon a starfish in very shallow water and bent over to pick it up and return it to the ocean.  Before I could move it, I heard it ask me to let it be and in that split second I understood that it was deciding to transition.

As I walked further the guides showed me how literal our dismemberment and re-memberment is at this time–the body releasing physically as well as energetically.  We are being re-arranged, cell by cell, atom by atom. It is no small undertaking to re-build a body while still inhabiting it, but this is the process we are living as we become more fully crystalline.

Earlier in the day I had facilitated a small group and two women had easily released old implants that were put in place to keep them from experiencing the fullness of connection with others.  I hadn’t reflected on the process, particularly, but when I saw the state of the afternoon beach–and the volume of debris being recycled by the earth–I more fully comprehended the magnitude of what has been releasing in the collective these last two weeks.

Again and again, the ocean has shown me how it recycles her dead.  She holds onto nothing. Everything is released into the original flow and worn away until it is dissolved into the imperceptible.

As I walked even further, the next stretch of beach was clean–barely touched by debris. But it was there that I began to notice a smattering of rocks that I had never seen before–translucent and shimmering in the sun. I realized, then, I was being shown the fruition of this intense period of release: the rocks–solid by appearance, seemed illuminated from within.  Our bodies–and our planet, too–really are becoming light.

I was asked to write about this, especially for those of you who are still feeling mired in the release.  Focus now, as often as you can, at the shimmering in the sun. Watch the light dance–on the snow, on the water, or even just on the window glass.  Know it is the truest reflection of all that you carry in you. Of all that you are.


Hollowed and Whole: Solstice Gateway

As I felt the Solstice gateway open these last two days, I’ve been all over the map emotionally and energetically: from clear, bright, and expansive to bowled over–seemingly out of nowhere–by the release of cellular memories of (perceived) abandonment, betrayal, and separation. Yesterday I searched for the words to describe all I feel is happening in the collective with this passage, but the words didn’t come. Last night, as I watched the sunset at the ocean with a friend, fierce winds roared off the Pacific. Sand blew in our eyes and mouths but, with our eyes watering, we laughed. We were exhilarated! We could feel the new energies blowing in and they are  s t r o n g.  All evening, as we ate dinner, drank wine, and marveled at our lives, I heard the words emanating from my heart, “You were made for this. You were made for this.”

This morning, as I woke, the words came. Some are new and some are old and some aren’t even mine. But here, at this magnificent gateway, they blend together:

A cacophany of Mourning Doves just landed on the upstairs deck of the house. The flap of their wings was so loud I thought a helicopter was hovering. I opened the door and they darted about in a haze of confusion–not sure whether to stay or go. Grief and love, release and gratitude, in a haze of gray wings, arriving and departing simultaneously.

~from my journal, December 2013

The whole of my life summed up in these words
I used to be raw
Then I was cooked
Now…on fire


I stand with you at this gateway,  f i e r c e  like that wind and almost equally invisible, save for its effect on the world. Each of us, through the process of elimination:

h o l l o w e d  and  w h o l e  

all at once. Holograms of light, shining in the darkest of days.

We were made for this. We were made for this.




I Am Not What I Am

I am not what I am. My essence escapes me. Here “A” does not equal “A.” It is a durable achievement of existential philosophy to remind us that we should not think of our past as definitely settled, for we are not a stone or a tree. In other words, my past changes every minute according to the meaning given it now, in… this moment.

~Czeslaw Milosz

Since the past is unreal and the future is unreal, all your thoughts are about nothing.

~Byron Katie

At certain junctures–and particularly at crucial junctures–awakening can look and feel a lot like a death review. Ghosts of many Christmases past will visit, but when we recognize them as such, they self-liberate. However, when the ghosts visit–including ghosts of ourselves–there can be such strong emotion and bodily sensations that accompany them, we will mistake them as “real,” delve back into the old stories, and become attached again.  It is very important to feel whatever feelings arise, but it is equally important not to spiral downward in trauma response–particularly in these energies, which magnify whatever we put our attention on.  Reach out for appropriate support and assistance if you find yourself in trauma.

Many of us are finding ourselves at a very powerful threshold now–our old life has become uncomfortable, yet we equate a certain safety with it and often do not sense where it is we are called to–or who or what we are called to be. We have doubts and questions.  In the midst of all this, even the least-sensitive of us are feeling the extreme polarity the “external” world is revealing.  What’s happening in our political and social structures worldwide is mirroring the pendulum swings we often feel within ourselves now.

You’re not going crazy nor are things are getting worse.  But the old energetic patterns of duality are being exposed for what they are.  For those of you who have been consciously shifting for a while now, know that so much of what you’re experiencing as disorientation is actually just part of your consciousness (particularly, the denser body consciousness) being a little slow to recognize the new energetic templates that have replaced the old.  You really have completed an extraordinary transition–it’s just taking a while to realize it and learn how to work with the new energetic template that is you!  I have found myself bouncing around and among a wide variety of dimensional experiences, more quickly than ever before!  At times this has been distressing and other times exhilarating.  Be patient and gentle with yourself as you get your sea legs.

One of the most amazing opportunities in these high-vibrational frequencies is the opportunity for major breakthroughs, accelerated personal clearing, and healing. If you would like support to unravel and release the old energies that are coming up for “death review,” and guidance about stepping into the new, I would love to hear from you. It is a very potent time!

With surrender of the old, deep peace and joy emerge.

For the month of December I am celebrating my anniversary working professionally as an energetic intuitive and offering sessions at my original rate of $100/session.  Contact me directly to schedule an appointment:


no-self portrait, 2011

The Grace That is You

‘What is grace?’ I asked God.

And She said,
‘All that happens.’

Then She added, when I looked perplexed,

‘Could not lovers
say that every moment in their Beloved’s arms
was grace?

Existence is my arms,
though I well understand how one can turn
away from

until the heart has

St. John of the Cross
Daniel Ladinsky, translation

Yesterday I walked the beach, talked with a friend, drove home, and picked up the house.  As I stood at the kitchen sink, a beloved song about freedom and letting go played on the stereo.  Out of the depths–with little warning–came the kind of sobbing that feels like puking. It came with such a violent force that I had to hold myself against the counter in order not to fall over.  The energy emerged from my heart and belly.  Some of it was released through my throat, but the vast majority of it moved down through my body as though out of the birth canal into the world.  I felt I was moving a dead body through my own and a new one all at once.

Many of us now find ourselves in a particularly poignant passage of life where much that is old is ending but the new hasn’t fully (or even partially) manifested.  I have given myself a number of experiences to mark this passage–most of them sweet and tender.  But recent days alternated between violent sobs and a profound sense of being cleaned out and utterly empty. Sometimes it is difficult not to take such intense energy passages personally, but they really aren’t. Even when old beliefs are exposed–stored trauma of experiences that were misinterpreted as evidence of our separation from Source–it is not personal. Life is holding you, it is holding me, though our minds would often like to argue to the contrary, particularly in the face of current collective dramas unfolding on the planet.

Most of what we are anticipating is just a faint whisper or a glimmer out of the corner of our eyes. We are guided now, by the most inner of our innermost knowings, to fully trust the unseen. The Sagittarius new moon (November 29) might normally hold a promise of the birth or emergence of new energies, but this moon will offer a bit of an elusive start.  The moon squares the nodes and Neptune and suggests a crossroads where nothing is particularly clear or defined.  You may feel tremendous and dreamlike possibility–and there is!–but also a sense of not being able to find your way through the fog. The presence of the nodal energy will require that any unresolved business from the past be attended to promptly before the particulars of the future can crystallize out of the ethers into the new world.  Though we may feel a sense of impatience or urgency–and the rules in many relationships will be shaken and stirred in this cycle–we are asked not to push, but rather allow the unfolding. Heartbeat by heartbeat we feel our way.  Some paths may prove untenable or illusionary, but as they dissolve, new ones will slowly appear.  Do not lose heart!

If I had words for the profundity of the shift that is now unfolding in the world, I would use them. But, more often than not, words completely fail me now. I will say this: you were born for this time. You came here to burn brightly with love, to shine the kind of light in our world that has not been seen in very, very long time. I am deeply honored to walk with you, to hold space for you, and to reflect back the grace that is you.


Free Teleconference: Navigating the Unknown

2017 promises to be a year of exponential change in our personal lives and in the world with changing magnetics on the planet and new operating procedures in our lives. It’s time to be surrendered and receptive, for the mind to go offline as we become open conduits for our multi-dimensional awareness to orchestrate our lives for our benefit and for the world. We are no longer in Kansas!

Join me and energy intuitives Wanda Vitale, Heather Green, and Susan Marie Crystal-Intuitive for a free call on Saturday, November 19th from 10am-12pm PST where we will dive into the changes now impacting each of us. We will answer personal questions at the end of the call. Our goal is to better prepare you for the upcoming shifts in December and attune everyone to an easier shift into this next wave of energies. Life is so much easier when we catch the updraft and soar to higher ground.

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This one-time free class will be an introduction to the full series we will be offering on Navigating the Unknown in January 2017.

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Aries Full Moon: And You Have Made the World–October Surprise and the Quantum Field

I am the imaginary hero of my hope
lost between verbs that require I know
who I am, but I am just a passing thought —
yet somehow, somehow — as close to a
miracle as we get — the nature
of the heart — the Beloved

~Stephen Levine,
from Breaking the Drought

The Aries full moon is exact at 9:23 p.m. Pacific, Saturday, October 15th. It is cresting like a wave in exact conjunction with the asteroid Eris (named for the Greek goddess of discord, known for its ability to create identity crisis and a profound restructuring of reality) and the planet Uranus, known as the “great awakener.” Uranus is considered to embody the energy of revolution, invention, electricity, and lightning-quick insight. In short, we can all expect the unexpected.

There are many layers to this full moon energetically, including a spotlight on the release of the rage of the wounded feminine, but it is important to remember that the primordial force of the dark feminine, is, in fact, the energy of destruction in service to life.  One caution, however. Although the release of old energy is a necessary and integral step in transformation, it is not the time to perpetuate the ancient story we have already survived. The release of the energy is just that—release. It enables us to more fully anchor the energy of the awakened feminine and, if there are stories to tell, let’s tell the story of the time when earth fully healed the wounds and the split between the masculine and the feminine. If we do not start writing and living that story, who will?

In spite of the volatile potentials of this moon, what the guides are emphasizing to me is a seminal opportunity for each of us to receive, in fact, to be blown open to the direct experience of our true nature—which is completely indescribable, and, to our egos, the greatest single source of identity crisis and discord imaginable. I love how Stephen Levine, teacher and pioneer in the field of death and dying, wrote of just this:

Many have gone mad looking for a solid center, but there is none.

We think of centering as only a continual narrowing of focus until we touch the pearl, but in practice it is often a continual expansion of focus until we become the ocean.

Our center is vast space, boundless awareness indistinguishable from unconditional love.

Of course I play the fool when I dare allow consciousness to describe itself. Isn’t that the birth of the ego, the “I am this,” that closed behind us when we entered the body?

Another way to describe the illumination (full moon) of awakening (Uranus) conjoined with discord, chaos, and identity crisis (Eris) is to say, in one way or another, we will come face to face with an evolving reality that has energetically shifted to reveal the quantum field. This, too, is a description of our true nature. We may only glimpse it in a lightning flash to begin with, but we are certain to see the veil drop in one way or another. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it. In other words, subatomic particles, like electrons, exist in a murky state of possibility and possess the ability to be anywhere, everywhere or nowhere at all. To the ego that is quite a shock! We really are Spirit dreaming itself into being. What appears to be solid and permanent (including the self) is quite uncertain. It is only through intention and attention we create reality.

For some, the events just preceding and following this full moon will masquerade as crisis and, yes, destruction of old structures, systems, relationships, and constructs as the Moon squares Mars in its approach to Pluto in Capricorn, just hours before it opposes the Sun. Capricorn represents all of our old, solid (and often outdated) structures, including government and there is quite the potential for unexpected revelations. In our personal lives, some of us may feel as though the earth has been pulled from under our feet. It has been during these moments when I remember the words of my heart teacher, Chogyam Trungpa: “The bad news is you’re falling through the air with nothing to hang onto. The good news is there’s no ground.”

The Sabian symbol for the full moon at 24° Aries offers a softer perspective—and the healing balm—for an awakening that could be potentially jarring: “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia.” Dane Rudhyar, the celebrated 20th transpersonal astrologer elaborated: “Wind blows from a region of high pressure to one of low pressure. As the window curtains are blown inward, the individual consciousness represented by the house is receiving a more concentrated influx of spiritual energies, enabling this consciousness to extend the scope of its awareness and creative expression.” Thus, the Sabian symbol points to the fundamental wealth and abundance created through the primordial union of the masculine (bliss/the wind/form/active penetration) and the feminine (emptiness/the house/the womb/the receptive.)

The illusion of separation is not only revealed it is healed.

Whoever you are: in the evening step out
of your room, where you know everything;
yours is the last house before the far-off:
whoever you are.
With your eyes, which in their weariness
barely free themselves from the worn-out threshold,
you lift very slowly one black tree
and place it against the sky: slender, alone.
And you have made the world. And it is huge
and like a word which grows ripe in silence.
And as your will seizes on its meaning,
tenderly your eyes let it go…

–Rainer Maria Rilke
The Book of Images


Can’t Stop the Feeling: Exhaustion and the Unraveling Ego

I know some of you are dragging your asses as the 10/10 light energies pour in. All last week I felt as though I was wading through molasses. Not only can the physical body feel extraordinarily challenged during these intense energetic downloads and periods of integration, the ego unravels further and we are often left experiencing what the mind wants to label depression or lethargy. It’s hard to know how to motivate ourselves when we are no longer motivated by egoic concerns. During those times we are asked to surrender to the best we can–and, yep, plans be damned! When Spirit is more fully anchored in the body it will then move us. Life is living you; Spirit is moving breath through your body. It is not the other way around. And it is no coincidence that the Latin root syllable “spir” is the same for the words spirit, inspiration, and respiration. There’s a long and deep understanding of this in the yogic traditions.

The truth is that multi-dimensional awareness/higher self/Buddha mind/Christed heart consciousness–whatever you want to call it!–is integrating further into the cellular structure of the body. You are becoming light. Yes, you are!

I woke up this morning light-hearted and full of energy, having moved through another deep round of ego unraveling and light integration. So, for all of you dragging on the floor, I’m dancing in the kitchen and the living room, with the dogs and the chickens! And I’m holding that sweet spot of knowing we are Bliss/Emptiness having an extraordinary experience in this dream we call Planet Earth.

(And the next time I am knocked on my ass, won’t you please dance for me?!)

En route

To travel without baggage, sleep in the train
on a hard wooden bench,
forget your native land,
emerge from small stations
when a gray sky rises
and fishing boats head to sea

~Adam Zagajewski, from “En route”

Sending love to everyone tonight. I’ve found myself, the last couple days, in a very tender heart space and have heard from friends and clients alike of a rawness that often comes during transitions like we are in the midst of. In spite of this tenderness, I have experienced my own tears of sadness as salty drops in a vast ocean of joy.

We are in the middle of eclipse season, traditionally a time of endings and beginnings and this particular passage is extraordinarily powerful. Many people are at critical junctures and choice points in their soul journey. Some have created a lot of discomfort–and sometimes pain and drama–to get their own attention and drop old stories that are simply not true. (And anything that tells us we are less than love incarnate is far from true!)

We are being called to claim our own authority in a myriad of situations.  And many are feeling compelled to take the next step into the role of teacher/guide for others. Collectively, we are preparing for the third wave of awakening on the planet, which will happen in conjunction with the September equinox.

Some of us are maintaining a near-constant awareness of multi-dimensionality, accessing simultaneously aspects and realities, as well as multiple timelines on the earth plane. This can be somewhat disorienting as we learn to navigate the energies of New Earth. More than ever we can find ourselves “losing time,” which, of course, is just a human-made construct. Luckily, because time is only a construct, it is quite pliable, and we are able to play with it (stretch it and shape it) to suit our needs in relationship to a collective experience that is still oriented towards it.

Accessing our multi-dimensionality requires a diligent focus on the vibrational reality we prefer to create. Instead of asking “Which path shall I take,” as though there is one that is right and another that is wrong, we simply select and feel the feeling we want to experience and claim that vibrational selection as our choice. The energies are such that when we are out of alignment with our soul, we feel the misalignment more and more acutely. Any belief we are holding that tells us we are less than Source experiencing itself will feel increasingly uncomfortable and will present itself to be released.

It is a very potent time to reach out for support right now–whether that is from friends, family, or an energetic intuitive/healer. My own ability to serve as both a translator of Spirit and a conduit for Source energy has increased exponentially in the last month; that is indicative of the kind of acceleration we are experiencing now. My clients are experiencing profound shifts and I am honored to work with you individually.

Wanda Vitale and I are also co-facilitating a 4-week group, via teleconference, meeting weekly on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Pacific time. The dates for these groups are September 8, 15, 22, and 29th. We are asking from each member a commitment to all four sessions and we will close the group to new members in order to maintain a tight energetic container and transmission, and cultivate group cohesiveness and intimacy. I welcome your inquiries. Space is limited, so don’t wait.

IMG_5537 copy

Gare du Nord, Paris.

Obbligato: Free Your Mind/Mind You’re Free

Free your mind and the rest will follow.
~En Vogue

Would you rather be right or free?
~Byron Katie

Profound and tranquil, free from complexity,
Uncompounded luminous clarity,
Beyond the mind of conceptual ideas;
This is the depth of the mind of the Victorious Ones.
In this there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor anything that needs to be added.
It is merely the immaculate
Looking naturally at itself.

~Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

Welcome to Eclipse Season! The first of three eclipses, tomorrow morning’s is an exciting, eccentric, electrical Aquarian full moon (full moon exact at 5:26 a.m. EDT.) I’ve been wide awake these last three nights, running as hot as a nuclear power plant, adjusting to and learning how to use new frequencies. How are you all faring?

It’s fair to say I’ve been a student of and collaborator with Uranus for a number of years, but this is the first time the collective consciousness of the planet asked to speak through me. (I’ve been receiving downloads and expect to share more of my experiences in the future.) And as the “ruler” of Aquarius, Uranus is the ruler of tomorrow’s full moon eclipse.

There are many reasons Uranus is known as “the great awakener” or “the great liberator.” Depending on how the energy interacts with your field, it can feel like anything from just a bizarre impulse to try something new to plugging your whole body into an electrical socket to having your life struck by lightning. But the entire purpose for its revolutionary ways is simply to free you!

Uranus is not without a sense of humor, though, and its words to me this morning were: “This full moon is as queer as a three-dollar bill,” referencing its current dance with the Sun and the Moon. (And winking like a drag queen.) That comment wasn’t so much a reference to the fluidity of gender and sexual identity that is revealing itself in many right now—although, that’s certainly an area that the planetary consciousness of Uranus is influencing—it was more a commentary on the potential for extraordinary flashes of insight, revolutionary breakthroughs, and ideas and innovations so far out of the box that, if you believe your mind, you’ll doubt your sanity.   The energy can also manifest as a total short-circuit or incapacity to think. However you’re experiencing it, it’s all good news. We are being supported to free our minds and receive, transmit, and create from our hearts, our inter- dimensional portal to the realms of bliss/emptiness. For those of you who are lit up right now, keep a pad of paper or your phone nearby to record what comes through.

One word of mindfulness—though not intended to instill fear, but rather to help you dance gracefully. When the energy of Uranus blows up our lives we have often ignored the “warning signs,” those impulses towards change and growth that we repeatedly disregarded. So, if you have felt the call to break free of constraints, relationships, outdated thoughts and rules–if you’ve been called to innovate, to take the next great leap—this eclipse is will illuminate where your soul will no longer stand for the status quo.

I’m not going to attempt to give you a full astrological write-up of this eclipse. The energies are complex and there are a lot of really insightful interpretations out there. But I would like to share some slices of a very fruity pie that came from everyone from Green Tara to the Aldebaranians to Uranus to a collective of mermaids.

I received so much information I couldn’t form a cogent narrative. The thing is (and my team is laughing at and with me) the linear narrative is getting blasted to smithereens with this eclipse, as is our ability to maintain a separate (and false) sense of self. If you feel fractured or bipolar, this sense will heighten the more you cling to the notion of an independently-existing “you.” But the beautiful news is that this eclipse is configured in such a way that some of you who are able to relax into the energies will experience your first taste of the mind completely dissolved into the All.

The next day or two is perfect for surrendering to the unraveling. Can you hold both sides of every equation? Can you let your mind stop and let go of the ideas of who you’ve been told you are? Can you invite the seeming polarities of earth reality to dissolve into the ocean of your heart? Can you allow the magical, the fantastical, and the audacious to bleed through into your waking dreams?

Given the proliferation of information coming through, I asked for a few key words and phrases and here is what I heard:

~obbligato: in classical music, an instrumental part, typically distinctive in effect, that is integral to a piece of music and should not be omitted in performance.

~ in other words, e v e r y  l a s t  t h i n g  i s  n e c e s s a r y

~ what is coming apart will restore you to wholeness

~ you’re being re-arranged and you’re the one doing the re-arranging

~ you need all the pieces, even if they don’t fit together

~ sometimes you have to lose it to find it

~ play with the puzzle pieces

~ the surreal is the most real

~ the only war is the war against the imagination

~ the higher octaves of music are playing; are you listening?

~ yes, that was mermaids you heard singing

~ the dream is living you

~ the leap is taking you

Normally, for those of you experiencing the electrical quality of this energy as disruptive to your nervous systems, I would advise you to take a salt bath, walk in nature, ground yourself in the new earth grids. But instead, the guidance coming through is counterintuitive and emphatic: let your mind be blown! (Even if it fries your circuits, you will be supported to re-set into balance.)

A word of caution: As strong as our impulse might be to engage in conflict at this time, as a way to externalize our own internalized conflict over staying the same versus taking the leap—please refrain. Any sort of aggression will come up against a very hard wall. If you’re feeling pressure, it’s meant to get you to take the leap and to surrender your small self/thoughts to the vastness of your soul and the All.

And for those of you not needing change as much as you need inspiration, for those of you feeling lost and directionless: there are many realms which are more accessible than ever before. The mermaids and unicorns want to play. In fact, there are many 5th dimensional earth beings who are making themselves visible and audible at this time: some who have lived in inner Earth, Lemurians, faeries, elves and others from the elemental kingdoms. There are also many animal species that want to share their experience with humans at this time. The time is ripe to connect; they are asking to meet you and asking for you to speak of your experiences with them. In return, they will help you reconnect to your inner magician and the alchemy will propel you into the life you’ve been looking for.

And finally, I don’t pretend to have always been the picture of grace when it comes to letting the vastness of Life live through me, but when I am surrendered to the All, I experience a peace like no other and an unshakeable joy that is not attached to external circumstances. That is my true nature and it is yours, as well. And Life is conspiring to bring you to the beauty of your own magnificence.

Pictured above: Full moon over Lake Casitas, Ojai, California, a local mermaid who wanted her photo taken, and two NASA photos of Uranus and its epsilon rings.