Poem of Atoms

Perhaps we are meeting at this portal because your heart aches for what you know in the core of your being is possible. Perhaps you are holding a question for which there seems no answer. Maybe you are standing in the aftermath of a life that has completely disintegrated. Or maybe, like me, you are learning–again and again–to trust the integrity of your own desire and where it leads you.

What if love had no preference for light or dark? What if love wanted all of you? If you turned from the darkness, love would only be able to reach a part of you. And that would never, ever be enough. Holding within you the full spectrum of dark and light, you are the holy grail of the unified field. You are a poem of atoms: a-never-before-and-never-again expression of Reality experiencing itself. You are wanted in this world, unmasked and blazing.

Atoms, by their very definition, dwell at the threshold of realities.  Once thought to be the smallest components of elements, we now understand them to be the gateway to a universe that is as infinitely small as it is large.  To reduce or split an atom is to cross over into something entirely other. When we are in the midst of deep transition and transformation, what might feel like combustion or nuclear fission–and the resulting awareness and explosion of energy and chaos in our lives–is the actuality, as asserted by quantum mechanics, that objects exist in several states simultaneously. Your body itself–by appearance, the solid mass of flesh and bones–is made of earth and stars and the space in between, all at once.

Liminality (from the Latin limen, meaning “a threshold”) is a term that  points to the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of transformation. The Tibetan language has a specific word for the liminal state: bardo. Tibetan Buddhism describes the bardo as the literal state in between death and rebirth, but also recognizes life itself as bardo, as well as the stop gaps of breath, sneezing, orgasm, shock, falling asleep, and waking up. It is within these liminal states that we have the strongest potential to recognize the true nature of our being: perfectly pure,  unborn and undying, luminous and free since the beginningless beginning.

It is my passion for exploring the liminal spaces that inspires me to walk with you, support you, and bear witness to your transformation. For that reason, I consider myself to be a thresholder and this space to be a threshold.  Welcome.  Your heart is already home.


I don’t remember how it happened exactly now, but before I discovered  the English translation of the achingly beautiful Rumi poem titled “The Poem of Atoms,” I stumbled upon his poem, sung in the original Farsi and put to music.  When I heard the foreign language, I didn’t understand or realize the words were his, the only English offered in the title.  The phrase, “Poem of Atoms,” though, stuck in my heart/mind. Later, I discovered the master’s poem.

O day, arise! The atoms are dancing. The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstasy. I’ll whisper in your ear where their dance is leading them. All the atoms in the air and in the desert know well, they seem insane. Every single atom, happy… or miserable, becomes enamoured of the Sun, of which nothing can be said.

~Jelaluddin Rumi

3 thoughts on “Poem of Atoms

  1. Thank you so much for your words, thoughts, heart. As I listened to Armand Amar’s soundtrack of this gorgeous poem, and read your words, I was brought to tears. What is it about Beauty that so helps the spirit…?

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